Still life must be still. A painting doesn't! :)

4년 전

Flower of the Sun. Oil on Canvas.

Love making visually engaging oil paintings!

The power of this one is in using veeeery very dark darks - almost pitch blacks, interweaved with the most vibrant yellows like Cad Yellow Light at some of the main petels (the saturation of those tubes is close to ~255 on Photoshop's HSV). But don't use the richest colours throughout the whole painting! The not-so-meaningful petels/parts of the petels must stay a bit de-saturated to make a background for 3-5 really saturated brushstrokes.

Also used diagonal brushstrokes in so to say 'post-production' across the whole painting, while the paint is still wet. The diagonal lines always add some dynamic!

Still life must be still. A painting doesn't! :)

Stay tuned for more art posts and tips.
Love ya! :)

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Beautiful!! Congrats!!


Thank you! )