Happy New Year ~ ✨ ~ :)

2년 전

As deeply artistic individual I could never stick to recipes - that would bore me out of my wits so to speak...! And with this ingrained general ˋenhancement´ that I possess I could never get drunk - as my most extreme sensitive system rejects liquor like the purest form of arsenic plus on top of that my Great Awareness is repelled by the idea to make itself —LESS— than what it naturally is through intoxication...! ~
But when the opportunities arise I love to indulge in MY style of experimentations - like this New Year´s Eve I took LITERALLY a thimble full of champagne and then mixed it with all sorts of ~ healthy ~ ingredients...! ~ This time it was Lavender Tea combined with an extremely bitter one (- used by bilious complaint -) as well as self-made Fruit-Juice (- self-evidently the only form of juice I could ever touch -) and the seeds of Passion Fruit — for the most glamorous visual effects ~ 🌟🤗🍄😆 ~ ✨
Of course suchlike experiment is sometimes / quite often destined to be more trick than treat overall - and I could care no less...! But this one was rather excellent and I think I can recommend it :)
Cheers to the New Year and ~ MY ~ kinky way of fun :)
#dangerousexperiments #recipes #delicacies #satanskitchen #healthfood

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