Kingdom Come

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As much as I don't like to think about it, religion has influenced my art immensely. I learned to draw in church. I started at an early age. Apparently it was the only way I could sit through a sermon quietly, and lucky enough for me I was allowed to continue this into my teen years.

I used art as a way to drown out the world. However, the subconscious is always listening, and things of note always seem to slip through.

IMG_20190410_175835_445 (2).jpg

I began with a light pencil sketch of the silhouette of the horse and rider as well as the source of light for the scene.


Next came the tedious process of slowly darkening the shadows and focal points, as well as giving the image a little color. This is personally my least favorite part of watercolor painting because you are using a lot of water (which means more wait time in between layers) and there you are just trying to make the page bearable to look at. It can be rough but if you see it is usually worth it in the end.


Watercolor can be unforgiving if you rush it. It is very important to be patient with it, and allow it to dry fully in between layers, especially if you are trying to put a lot of paint down. Remember, the paper can only take so much. and it's hard to paint when you're fighting both your canvas and your paint.


I wasn't sure how to handle the window in the sky when I started. Eventually, I had to deal with it and I decided my best course of action would be to create a gradient from red to orange to yellow and finally to white where the dark head of the rider could contrast the white of the sky, creating a main focal point where my darkest dark could meet my lightest light.


Now that I had my main points of color and light established I could bring in the fog and darkness and create the new contrast of focus and ambiguity. Some lights must be over shone by the sun while some darks need to recede into the shadows. This is where the drama comes in.


My favorite part is the muddying and blending of the colors and lights. You have your scene, and this is where you get to set the mood. My mood is usually gloom, so I cue the dark atmospheric music and make a dark batch of blue and brown mix.


This is one of those paintings where I was tempted to destroy it and start again after every layer had dried. I held an image in my head that I felt was beyond my ability. still, I soldiered on. I was having somewhat of a dry spell in the world of watercolor and I knew there was a mental wall that needed to be broken.


"And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron" Revelation 19:15


Thank you for viewing. I hope you enjoyed the creation of this piece. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any questions i'd be glad to answer them.

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I don't know why but when I saw your painting my first thought was about Beksinski and his paintings. Maybe because of the aesthetic or maybe something else. But it really brings back in my mind this:

Your work is absolutely astonishing and somehow moving.


Thank you! Beksinski is one of my favorite painters btw.

Such wonderful imagery you made there my friend. Having to use religion as your inspiration, I think we give merit on that. It is our guidance into living a path to righteousness. Religion is an aspect of humanity that keeps us in touch with God, who inspires us to do the best that we can be. And I think God really put a wonderful skill and talent in the person of you. Such a blessing for you.

You work of art is great, man. Keep up the good work!


Thank you. That means a lot. Trying my best to not waist a gift.

That is some really expressive painting. The skylight gradient from red to orange to yellow and finally to white was much impressive, You got amazing skills and I loved the way you gave details of the procedure of painting . The efforts are appreciated.

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Fabulous piece! On every level. (Not to mention that the rider is certainly coming if we don't wake up as a society.)
I think this work is made stronger by your earlier stuff which establishes your visual vocabulary. Taken together, you have a barn burner of a show.


Thank you. I have a small show coming up in December actually, I hope you're right.

Watercolor is not the easiest technique for the points that you mentioned above but you seem to have mastered it :) All the shadows are great and I like the idea with the orange/yellow sky. It breaks all the dark colors and creates good harmony..

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!


Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

hi @william-syrus
I love to see all the development steps of a job, understand the whole process starting from the initial sketch up to the final completeness. Your design is truly mystical and dramatic, I must say that it makes an impression on me. Congratulations


Thank you, I'm glad. Steem on

Hey @william-syrus cool drawing :)
The more you scroll the more nostalgic it gets :) - fits perfect to the religion statement you said. For some reason I like the desk or the table you made the painting on :D


Thanks man. You can't beat an old fashioned wooden table

Religion is always going to have some influence on all humans. There are many religions, you should not be embarrassed by the origins of your art. you're very talented. I liked the rider, good decision making in watercolors


Thank you. I'm trying my hardest to embrace the source of my creativity.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate the support

Amazing work, love the way color shades are mixing up with each other in the lower part of the painting

I'm so glad that you could resist the urge to destroy it because this is truly a piece of art, I love how the contrast is marked down by every shadow, gloomy and powerful, if I had a metal band I would commission you to do the artwork, thanks for sharing!

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Great art. Abstract enough to allow multiple readings, even with the biblical reference revealed.
Revelations, as well as some passages from Isaiah, provides some of the spookiest images of the vengeful/warrior god.
Your art represents it as static, but also as emerging from soem sort of crypt or tomb. The sword is possitioned so that it can also be read like an upside down cross on a coffin.
The transition from darkness to light apprears to be promissing, also the idea of a just iron ruler who will leave the evil doers spread all over for birds to "gorge on their flesh".
I can't help but reading in your art the ambivalence of such an ideal and the possibility that, like the character of your art, that just god is nothing but an empty cloak on a void wooden ride

Hi @william-syrus. It's amazing to see the process, to see the painting layer after layer. Watercolor is a tricky art, I've tried and failed each time. You on the other hand are doing great, even though you say you were not satisfied with the work. i believe that's very common, artists are never satisfied with the outcome and they always thing the work is not finished, there's always more to do on it.
I was surprised to read you learned to draw in church. I believe they let you do that to keep you quiet and occupied and then it became more. That is a very good thing actually. I'm fascinated by the architecture of churches and would raw in the church but only if I'm alone.
Anyway, your painting is amazing, the rider looks great on his horse, no worries. You've done a great job! Keep it up and have a nice weekend.