Drawing 4: doodles of love ~

3년 전

hi hi everybody~

Today I want to show everyone something simple, but I did it with a lot of love thinking about someone special :)

And I think I'm not the only person who has someone special in their lives hehehe

and if it is not like that ... well ... your special person will arrive someday :) that's for sure!

and here it is (Do not wait big, it's a simple doodle! hehe):


Why did I make them eating ice cream?

We all know that when we are couples, we eat a lot!!! :(, and that's why we not only have to love, we also have to take care of each other hehehe

But that does not stop us from being happy together ~

I did it without special meaning, a simple detail~

and here I show you how I did it:

  1. I started making the silhouette.

  2. I began to apply the hair, the eyes and the clothes.

  3. After having the main thing, I highlight it with a pen.

  4. And finally, I started to paint, to put it in brightness and shadows, being finished as the main image~

I hope you liked it, and I'm open to new ideas for new drawings!

Bye bye !~ :)

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