painting 3: Butterfly party in watercolor flowers ~

3년 전

Hello everyone!
How's everybody? I hope very well! ... And I hope you had an excellent day today ~

Today I want to show everyone my new painting, colored with watercolors ~


I'll tell you why I made these pretty flowers with butterflies this time.

I work in a construction area, where you can hardly see vegetation, gardens, or green areas ... but inspecting in a new area, I could find a small and sparse vegetation, a garden to be exact ... that grew very happily , despite the adversities to its surroundings ...

There were several quantities of small flowers, in which many small yellow butterflies, black and occasionally some oranges, stopped to rest or fluttered one with the other butterflies, in the small flowers, which were mostly just growing. :)

And now, every morning, before going to inspect, I escape a few minutes to see how beautiful it looks, and more if it's rainy weather! the flowers shine as if they were "happy" or as if they were smiling ... or at least that's how I look at it. But I know that in the future they will surely not be there anymore ... due to the "evolution" of the human being with his new constructions, who does not look at these little details ... or simply carelessly, at least in my country :/

As I would like to be of help to them, but most do not see things like me, so before they disappear or cease to exist, I wanted to capture a similar image (not so), in painting, and always remember that image, not only in my memory :)

I hope you like it!

That's how I did it:

  1. Put the idea with drawing pencils, and then I began to highlight it with fine tipped pens, since it is a drawing of "delicate" colors.

  1. Finish highlighting it with pens, and I began to color it with the watercolors, starting with the flowers.

  1. I started to paint the leaves and give shade to the drawing.

  1. And finally, the butterflies and the brightness :)

I hope you liked it!
With nothing more to add, I am open to new suggestions and ideas, I am not an expert in this, so I accept critics too :)

Bye bye~

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Lovely work. Thanks for posting