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Digital art made by @xpilar

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The Caribbean Sea and the Magdaleno River.

Once upon a time there was a small river of fresh water that dreamed of being part of the great Caribbean Sea, every day I listened to the power of the sea, the fish avoided falling into the well, as the neighboring rivers flowed into the sea.
The frogs perched on its stones and sang to the river to cheer it up because it was near the sea.
The little river did not believe it because every day he struggled to grow but nothing that managed to break the stones that formed a barrier, he often became depressed for not achieving it, he felt it was not worth it.
A white heron who was a friend of the river visited him every day and told him about the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, told him how big in size, how the sky and the sea came together, and encouraged him not to stop because he was so close.
One day the river began to cry asking God to help him to have a mouth to the sea, which he dreamed of being part of the sea, he asked with such force and break his soul crying and crying.
His tears made him grow and he could break the stones that separated him from the sea.

That encounter with the sea was the beginning of a perfect and eternal union between the Caribbean Sea and the Magdalena River.


thank you for a lovely story @jdbs

Crystal clear waters flow with the wind,
paths open to your path as if shaping the area according to your eagerness,
nothing stops them their strength and perseverance break through any barrier,
reaching new grasslands.

Aguas cristalinas fluyen con el viento,
caminos abren a su paso como moldeando el area según su afán,
nada las detienen su fuerza y constancia rompen cualquier barrera,
logrando llegar hasta nuevas praderas.


thank you for your great description / poems @jadnven

That's one perfect horizon!
Is this a view from one of the Fjords?
btw, thank you very much for you, yes you and for resteeming.


thank you @englishtchrivy

no, it's probably just my imagination
but it could be somewhere on the Norwegian coast

En este hermoso diseño digital parece que el mar y el cielo se unen de manera espectacular en el horizonte, y, se cuentan sus secretos, y, le dan la bienvenida a parte de las aguas que que habían sido represadas. Felicitaciones,bendiciones.


thank you for your great description @brismar

You (poem)

You filled my life with a lot of tranquility, you filled me with peace

You with your innocence and with your smile, led me to dream

You are my source of life, my homeland and my spring

You all I want, my water, my river and my sea

You despair, control me and make me love

You my paradise, my landscape and my peace

You who choose every day and with whom to poison.


thank @anasuleidy for your description with a beautiful poem

Such a beautiful sky

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Hello @xpilar, in my opinion your digital image looks like a plant that lives on rocks and in the middle of the ocean. This is very good to describe.

Not a few people who always complain in his life. and sometimes he blames other people for the failures he experienced. even though it was he who caused himself to fail. not other people. whatever problems a person faces, he should find a solution to get out of these problems. not by blaming others, and not by always complaining.

humans are more powerful than plants. humans are the most special creations of god. but the lives of most people are inferior to plant life. the plant cannot think, it cannot speak. he can only grow and die by itself. but he is able to live even if only on a rock. he only absorbs salt water in the sea. he also never complained with his life.

this is just my description of the digital image that you display.


thank you for your good description @aulia1993

really this image shows a quite quiet place on the planet, seeing it in the first person is like sitting on a natural reef or rocks in the middle and on the surface of the ocean where the water is very quiet and you can see a beautiful blue sky with a cloud that reflects the color of a sun that shines somewhere in the sky.


thanks for your nice description @pequef

very nice and great imagination my dear friend @xpilar


beautiful image, thanks

great work
its beautiful

Very beautiful picture. I imagine that I sailed on an ordinary boat for several days, to see where the river flows along which I am sailing, and I saw the sea of incredible beauty

Beautiful view on the river estuary.

What a beautiful job, full of peace.

This is a very realistic digital art, the colors are warm and the sky is calm, it's a beautiful job, I like it.

scenery with very beautiful imagination

perfect, really good view of the sky

His daily digital art, Mr. @xpilar, is gratifying, it fills me with pleasure to follow in his footsteps and enjoy so much talent.

This has to be the best of the best so cool

the sun begins to set, it's beautiful

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Looks like we're standing at the edge of the world here. Very serene image, @xpilar.


thank you so much @numpypython

Wow its really beautifull

Golden hour photo,nice one..

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Nice post @xpilar keep it up

It is perfect and very beautifull also....

So wonderful pic, I think it's not imagination pic, it's Real?

This is the river and the sea. Yellow light of the sun makes the view more beautiful.

Beautiful picture of a great imagination.

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@xpilar omg this is seriously beautiful and heart touching imagination. Super like it.

Nice place enjoying purpose.

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Looks like a port for boats to come in

Very good posts, and beautiful views. I like seeing your posts

Amazing digital art post

good posts have very beautiful art


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Flowing Bay below the Sunset Clouds

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the beauty when the sun begins to set, an amazing imagination

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Beautiful to see a vast stretch of open water like that, @xpilar. Nice art!

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Peaceful Rocks.

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sunset with a very beautiful view

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