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Digital art made by @xpilar

Outer Space 10 serie 42 A.jpg

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Hi @xpilar


El brillo de las dos estrellas se reflejaba en el visor de mi traje, es claro que este mundo nunca sería habitable, pero un horizonte con un par de luminarias poniéndose resultaba muy atractivo y hasta poético, lamentablemente nunca podrá servir de inspiración a ningún artista.

La cacería de Andrómeda ya había durado por varios cientos de años, y las naves de exploración enviadas, aun estaban lejos de poder tener claro la ruta que la flota estaba siguiendo, tal parecía que simplemente vagaban sin un rumbo específico o al menos lo habían abandonado varios cientos de años luz atrás, también parecía que se habían dividido y tomado diferentes rumbos en alguna parte de los últimos ciento cincuenta años luz.

La mayor parte de la flota parece seguir una ruta al bulbo galáctico, mientras una parte más pequeña tomo rumbo a los brazos exteriores. ¿Habría sucedido algún tipo de cisma en su sociedad?, deberemos esperar a encontrar a alguna de las dos porciones para saber que sucedió, si es que alguna vez las hallamos.

Contemplo este extraño paisaje y no me extraña el porque no se han detenido y continúan con su vagar, en nuestra cacería no hemos encontrado ningún mundo que reúna condiciones como para ser habitado, en la medida que nos acercamos más al bulbo, la densidad estelar y de gas son mayores por lo que es más difícil encontrar planeas apropiados.

―Capitán Robertson ya estamos listos para partir, los artefactos de Andrómeda fueron embarcados ―me dijo el sargento a cargo de supervisar la operación de remoción de lo que parecía ser una estación minera temporal, dejada por la flota de Andrómeda en su camino.

―Gracias sargento, en un momento me reuniré con ustedes ―respondí ―. Indique al piloto que comunique al crucero que estaremos de regreso en veinte minutos.

Seguimos encontrando migajas en el camino, migajas que esperamos nos conduzcan al encuentro con la flota principal de Andrómeda, ellos nos llevan varios miles de años de ventaja, pero nosotros tenemos un sistema de impulso más avanzado, la distancia que ellos recorren en cuestión de siglos, nosotros podemos recorrerla en pocos meses, además, esta travesía ha servido para fijar toda una nueva red de puentes que nos facilita la obtención de suministros y relevos.

Este será mi último año en esta operación, después regresaré con mi familia a la base de Apolo, para esperar por mi nueva asignación, posiblemente seré enviado a la exploración de la red de puentes a la nada, aunque me gustaría volver aquí, quisiera estar ahí cuando logremos dar alcance a los otros humanos de la vía láctea.


The brightness of the two stars was reflected in the viewfinder of my suit, it is clear that this world would never be habitable, but a horizon with a pair of lights putting on was very attractive and even poetic, unfortunately can never serve as inspiration to any artist.

Andromeda's hunt had already lasted for several hundred years, and the exploration ships sent were still far from being able to have a clear route that the fleet was following, it seemed that they were simply wandering without a specific course or at least they had abandoned it several hundred light years ago, it also seemed that they had divided and taken different directions somewhere in the last one hundred and fifty light years.

Most of the fleet seems to follow a route to the galactic bulb, while a smaller part headed for the outer arms. Would there have been some sort of schism in your society, do we have to wait until we find one of the two portions to know what happened, if we ever find them.

I contemplate this strange landscape and I am not surprised because they have not stopped and continue with their wandering, in our hunt we have not found any world that meets the conditions to be inhabited, as we get closer to the bulb, the density of stellar and gas are greater so it is more difficult to find appropriate plans.

-Captain Robertson we are now ready to leave, Andromeda's artifacts were shipped, -told me the sergeant in charge of supervising the removal operation of what appeared to be a temporary mining station, left by Andromeda's fleet on its way.

-Thank you, sergeant, in a moment I will meet you, -I replied -. Tell the pilot to tell the cruise ship that we will be back in twenty minutes.

We continue to find crumbs on the way, crumbs that we hope will lead us to the encounter with Andromeda's main fleet, they are several thousand years ahead of us, but we have a more advanced impulse system, the distance they travel in a matter of centuries, we can travel it in a few months, in addition, this crossing has served to set up a whole new network of bridges that makes it easier for us to obtain supplies and relays.

This will be my last year in this operation, then I will return with my family to the Apollo base, to wait for my new assignment, possibly I will be sent to explore the network of bridges to nothing, although I would like to return here, I would like to be there when we manage to reach the other humans of the Milky Way.

Thank you @xpilar, I hope the story was to your liking.

The image look really great

Beautiful end of the day with the glowing sunset and already raising moon next to it. I was always wondering how it might be looking like when you have couple or few moons or may be a ring like Saturn. Do you think we all would accept it like it must be or we will enjoy the beauty of evening sky. I think no matter when we will have in the sky water and reflection that is something that makes the whole scene unique. Lovely digital Art, @xpilar :)

Twin Solar

The people of Aleha city were in an uproar. When they want to work, they see a very different appearance of nature. In the eastern horizon they see the sunrise. This is an ordinary thing. but today they have sunrise together. They then speculate that this is a sign that the end of the world will come. Shamans and spiritual experts link these natural events with predictions of the coming of the end. They recommend to immediately clean up and surrender. They ask citizens to immediately do good and do worship better.
however, there is a group of scientists who do not just believe in the coming prophecy.
They immediately conducted research and read various literature. They carried out scientific expeditions into space and found out certain information about the emergence of twin suns.
After reaching the appropriate orbit they release the satellite and use the robot to retrieve various information sent to the information center in the laboratory.
From the information they got, they finally found out that the twin sun events were not because the sun was increasing by one or more. However, the morning sun shines on the ice crystals in the atmosphere so that they form the sun's shadow, which is almost the same as the sun, forming the sun's shadow.
this is then seen by the people of Aleha as a twin solar phenomenon.
Thank you @xpilar.
Warm regard from Indonesia


thanks for your description / story @rokhani


You are welcome. I never stop to be amazed by your artwork. I am really enjoy it. I want to add with my words. I hope you accept it.

beautiful orange rays morning sun
until it doesn't feel everything has been done
there is still a feeling of night with the moon
which will change soon

morning still covered in dew
but remember this new
the day will continue to change
don't you pull back your blanket

move and keep working
until you will find a meaning
a life full of sweat and blessings
a life full of enthusiasm and motivation

come on, don't you keep your lazy
doing everything will definitely be easier
don't let yourself be overtaken by indulgence
work spirit and achieve achievement


Nice to hear @rokhani

and thank you for the beautiful poems

Hello @xpilar, your digital image is very good to make a story. I will tell a brief story about a young man who has an optimistic attitude, and always tries to achieve his goals.

a young man who lives poorly has high desires. which is to build a large house for both parents. he really wanted to make his parents happy. since he was born to adulthood, they only settled in a hut that was not suitable for use.

sometimes he thought that there was no way he could build a house. because the monthly income he has is very little. he is just a construction worker. but over time when he saw other people who owned big cars and houses, his thoughts changed. he thinks other people can get his wishes. why can't i? I also have to be able to be like everyone else.

he keeps looking for things that can make money. one day he met a friend. his friend said, do you know about steemit social media?
he replied I don't know. and his friend explained that steemit social media is very good social media. because there are many interesting articles to learn there. besides that articles made by someone will get a reply in the form of digital currency from what has been done.

and he was interested and took time every night to learn about steemit social media. and he started making articles. he started collecting steem and sbd. steem won't be sold. he wants steem to be added to become strength.
the only one sold is sbd. after the syllabus was collected so much, he sold it and bought a little land.

then he collected again. and when it collects again, he sells and buys stones to build a house. he bought one by one the needs of his building house. and he believes that with his hard work in Steemit, he can achieve the goals he wants.

this is just an engineering story that I made from your digital image. I hope you like this story. hopefully your days are always fun.

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I did not know what to love you (poem)

He took me by the hand and invited me to walk along the shore of the beach

I felt lucky because you were a prince charming

The sound of the sea was music for my ears

The sun warmed my way, wise was a new stage in my life

But I did not know how to love you so much

the subtle waves of the sea were combined in tsunami that mistreated me

what one day was sand under my feet today are stones that hurt me

That beautiful sky full of clouds and birds today is a gray sky

I did not know that loving you would turn me into a corpse into a sad bird that flies in solitude.

The hot sun is on the way

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  ·  3년 전

The light began to shine.

There was once a city close to the desert, it was a city full of natural wealth but its inhabitants were poor, almost destitute, hunger and neglect reigned everywhere.
In the midst of this social environment a man stood out, his words of change made the inhabitants filled with hope, each day the followers of this man grew and the light at the end of the road began to shine.
One day this man summoned his followers to a vigil on the beach that he would be there at sunrise.
The day arrived and the man was shocked to see so many people camping on the beach


People waiting for the moment of beginning of vigil, of hearing what the man would say, they were hungry for their words of encouragement, the inhabitants thirst for hope and this man gave them what they needed.
A platform that had the beautiful background sun that reminded the inhabitants that in the end was the light of change.
This man was the one who brought forward his city, not with politics but motivating them to believe in them, in the riches of their nature, their land and the goodness of God.
This city became prosperous and strong, until these times.


thanks for your description / story @jdbs

Humanity and the entire universal system are living in imminent danger. The Sun has deviated from its orbit and goes to the planet Earth, an immense heat shakes its ecosystem, strange waves have formed creating a radioactive activity, is something unprecedented. Security Corps of all countries have given the emergency alert and work hard to stop the advance of the Sun.


Un peligro inminente está viviendo la humanidad y todo el sistema universal. El Sol se ha desviado de su orbita y se dirige al planeta Tierra, un inmenso calor estremece a su ecosistema, extrañas ondas se han formado creando una actividad radiactiva, es algo inedito. Cuerpos de Seguridad de todos los paises han dado la alerta de emergencia y trabajan arduamente para frenar el avance del Sol.


thanks for your description @adeljose

Beautiful glow sparkles her soul
burning sensation that ruffles my skin.
passionate energy your body emanates
Loading my heart with life.

Hermoso brillo destella su alma
ardiente sensación que eriza mi piel.
apasionante energía su cuerpo emana
cargando de vida mi corazón.


thank you for the beautiful poems @jadnven

Hello @xpilar
Another beautiful digital art my friend.
this is looks like another planet surface.
the sun with golden clouds looks hot weather there.
Beautiful digital art. have a nice day..

Wooow, magic :)


You are welcome

I really like this creation, it looks like an image about the dominacon of the earth by extraterrestrial beings.

A really amazing sunset in another planet

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This creation is of high quality, It is a view to the African continent where thousands of animals enjoy the outdoors, following the brightness of the sun and the calls of God. Great job!


thanks for your description @elider11

That's going to be hot...


thanks for your description @cryptotrader84

That's impressive wow loving your digital art works always

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, The Sun Dynasty. Stay blessed.

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Hermoso,se asemeja a acumulación de lapidas derivadas de construcciones que por los efectos de un sismo quedaron esparcidas en el entorno, donde sueños quedaron sepultados, y, el sol siguiendo su función debido al movimiento de la tierra -rotación-, en cumplimiento de esa ley, estuvo presente como testigo de tal acontecimiento, siguiendo su ritmo en lo que le atañe en cuanto a mantener vidas en el planeta por su energía y otros efectos.En fin, la vida continua.


En fin, la vida continua.

thanks for your description @brismar

Simply beautiful, I like how the sun is reflected and also the colorful clouds, excellent, congratulations @xpilar

  ·  3년 전

Good morning @, wow beautiful sunset, doubly sunny.


good view, when the sun rises and illuminates the contents of nature with beautiful colors

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The view of two suns rising on a planet in space.

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thanks for your description @elia34928

It’s a big rocky space desert training simulator


thanks for your description @teenagecrypto

red orange sky with two suns above the rocks.


thanks for your description @elianaelisma

Your daily art is inspiring, creative and expressive, I like to walk towards uz and brightness, a complicated path of life but we must continue my friend @xpilar.

That looks hot! At first i thought there were two suns. Nice imagination, @xpilar!

Wowww amazing digital art 👌 and sun is alone too but its still shines ☀

It looks like the landscape of an extrasolar planet.

beautiful picture full of very inspiring imagination

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imagination filled with color makes it not want to let go of your eyes

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Good morning Indonesian time @xpilar, a hot red imagination is seen today that you publish,

Wow it's very nice and great digital-art my dear friend

Surpassing you more and more and always showing your fanaticism for the natural, I am a fan of your imagination, very good image.

Good picture, the sensation of seeing two suns shining on the universe.

red orange sky with two suns above the rocks.


thanks for your description @rihonkeugata

This beautiful post has beautiful art

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