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Digital art made by @xpilar

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A mysterious tree in the forest.

Today, August 14, the day is just beginning, I feel a new man, younger, stronger, I think he was born again ... Thus began the newspaper Daniel after having lived a few strange days that forced him to be absent for a week.
The last time I wrote was on August 7, my day began as usual, I went for a walk as usual, I love to exercise and direct contact with nature, so I walk in the forest, I have a marked path in my mind so I know every tree, where the lake starts and where it ends, I know where the benches are and what bushes the birds visit every morning.
But that day everything was different, I walked happily watching the water run when a sturdy and large tree was in the middle of the road, I knew it was impossible, but there it was, I approached and touched it I felt an electric shock and there I lost consciousness.
I don't know how much time passed, I don't know if it was minutes or if it was hours and when I woke up I was a room, I thought it was a hospital, everything was so clean, so white and tidy, that I felt fortunate to be in that place, because I knew I needed help.
But I was scared when I saw those who attended to me, they were strange beings, their skin was gray, their head was so large and elongated, their eyes were like large drops totally black and so thin and tall.
I wanted to run but I couldn't connect to so many machines and tubes.
I screamed, I screamed as hard and loud as I could... But nobody answered my calls, everything was total silence.
Days and nights passed, these beings entered and left my room, none of them spoke to me, they only communicated with each other in a strange language, I must recognize they treated me and took care of me very well, every day I felt stronger and healthier.
Yesterday, August 13, a monitor was turned on in my room at night where they wrote to me that they were grateful for my service and that they would release me, that I was already healthy and that I had passed the tests.
The monitor turned into a door that had a slide with an almost blinding bright light and I was thrown down that long slide, my heart was beating so hard and I felt so dizzy, I saw the trees, the lake, the benches and the spaceship give around, everything joined me


I lay in the forest, a few hours passed and I woke up, the sun burned my body.
Where a few days ago there was a mysterious tree, there I woke up.
This time I ran to my home and did not admire nature, nor was there in the forest.
I just wanted to run and see some human, to be able to talk and tell my experience.


thank you @jdbs for your great story

Hi @xpilar


El océano de Anfitrite, era insólitamente claro, era la primera vez que Pietro tenía una visión tan clara de sus alrededores, mientras nadaba con un traje subacuático, era capaz de distinguir a gran distancia las peculiares formaciones de corales, de los arrecifes que hace menos de dos años habían sido sembrados en este peculiar océano.

Observó las lecturas de la mezcla de oxigeno y nitrógeno que se proyectaban en el visor de su casco y notó que aun tenía unas dos horas para seguir explorando, así que cambió los parámetros de impulso de sus propulsores e incrementó su velocidad.

Nadó hasta el arrecife para observar a sus pobladores, el coral casi había colonizado todas las estructuras artificiales que habían sido colocadas ahí con ese propósito, colmenas de una resina sintética que servía de anclaje para estos peculiares animales marinos.

Otros habituales pobladores de estos ecosistemas también se habían adaptado bien a su nuevo hogar, camarones, moluscos, anemonas y una variedad de coloridos peces se paseaban cómodamente entre las formaciones coralina.

Este nuevo ecosistema, adecuado conforme a la configuración que podría haber tenido en la Tierra, contrastaba con la peculiaridad de este hermoso océano, de baja salinidad y profundidad y con un fondo formado principalmente por rubíes rosa, lo que agregaba una particular belleza a todo el escenario.

Después de hora y media de recorrido, Pietro nuevamente aceleró sus propulsores para regresar al sumergible, ya era momento de reabastecer su traje y tomar rumbo a otro arrecife situado más al norte de la costa del continente.

Pronto Anfitrite sería un mundo listo para su colonización, sólo unos pocos serían los afortunados, se trataba de un mundo con escaza tierra emergida por lo que se habían planificado sólo tres ciudades. Tal vez en unos cien o doscientos años Anfitrite ya sería un mundo totalmente adecuado y con una población autónoma, aunque pequeña.


The ocean of Anfitrite, was unusually clear, it was the first time that Pietro had such a clear vision of his surroundings, while swimming with an underwater suit, he was able to distinguish at a great distance the peculiar formations of corals, from the reefs that less than two years ago had been sown in this peculiar ocean.

He observed the readings of the mixture of oxygen and nitrogen that were projected on the visor of his hull and noticed that he still had about two hours to continue exploring, so he changed the impulse parameters of his propellers and increased their speed.

The coral had almost colonized all the artificial structures that had been placed there for that purpose, hives of a synthetic resin that served as an anchorage for these peculiar marine animals.

Other habitual inhabitants of these ecosystems had also adapted well to their new home, shrimp, mollusks, anemones and a variety of colorful fish walked comfortably among the coral formations.

This new ecosystem, adapted to the configuration it could have had on Earth, contrasted with the peculiarity of this beautiful ocean, of low salinity and depth and with a background formed mainly by pink rubies, which added a particular beauty to the whole scenario.

After an hour and a half of travel, Pietro again accelerated his propellers to return to the submersible, and it was time to restock his suit and head for another reef located further north of the coast of the continent.

Soon Anfitrite would be a world ready for colonization, only a few would be fortunate, it was a world with scarce land emerged by what had been planned only three cities. Perhaps in a hundred or two hundred years Anfitrite would already be a totally suitable world and with an autonomous population, although small.

Thank you @xpilar, I hope the story was to your liking


thank you @amart29 for your great story

En un lugar donde la nieve se hace presente, en tiempo de invierno cobija las ramas de los arboles; ay un inmenso río, que magestuosamente atraviesa el lugar decorando el hermoso espacio.Allí también una roca esférica le dan un toque armónico al ambiente; ademas del aporte estético de las hermosas montañas, a ambos lados del río. Ah y no faltó un espectador(un caballito de mar) que por caprichos de la naturaleza, fue desplazado hasta allí, se quedó estático al querer observar el panorama. Y, la luz brillante del día se impone dándole un toque espectacular, porque "sin luz nada brilla".


"without light nothing shines."

you are absolutely right, thanks for your description @brismar

The secret river

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I like the burst of white light in this piece, @xpilar. Has the silhouette of a man... looks like a soul exploring the world to me.

That's wonderful as usual. Know little bit of Photography. but it is quite surprising to see the perfect combinations of shapes, colors in digital One. Excellent, especially l loved the tone of colors in the different location. The white portions looks like shade of the shape of a man also.

Great one. waiting for next one

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thank you so much @angelro

Outstanding art,i save it for my self

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A beautiful underwater garden to explore, @xpilar. Luckily we can breathe underwater now.

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Colour challenge awesome image

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a kingdom of dreams !!!

@xpilar hi can I ask you something , why you are not putting creative coin tag this will give you some coin. But nice imagination


Hi @adityajainxds

Yes, i us creative coin tag

under the sea, the ocean current drags me along the bottom of the sea, the reflection of sunlight and the speed of running scandalize my eyes and I see a long white line in front of me. To my two sides I see some small trees, if they are arbles dwarfs.


I imagine the underwater world where the water is so clear that you can see magical corals and an amazingly shaped bottom with algae.

beautiful image, thanks

great work

Both Akash and Hades are depicted in this picture.

My imagination this is beautiful Galaxy

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A flashlight in an underwater city

Amzing art so clean and look real pictures

Nie digital art

The beauty of the blue ocean ..

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I love your daily digital art, you have a lot of creativity Mr. @xpilar, Blessings.


I really like his art, that light makes me feel that the power of God comes to earth.

very nice digital-art my dear friend @xpilar

Beautiful view of a blue lake surrounded by mountains.

your digital works are beautiful, hopefully they can produce the best and the latest art

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very beautiful your digital work

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very beautiful imagination

I like the colors, that the sky and the sea are one and the magic around.

How are you xpilar

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Planets Under Water Universe.

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Images with a very beautiful imagination.

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good post, a digital full of art

Beautiful lake at the foot of the mountain.


Digital pictures that look beautiful. with attractive colors and added with the presence of light and plants. I really like your digital images.

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Good day, the moon phase is now visualized in the marine world, in this image I see reflected the phases of full moon and waning quarter, it is wonderful to see how in an image you can draw several topics and that you are perfect worthy of an exhibition.