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Dos familias numerosas se dispusieron ir de vacaciones después de cierta jornada de trabajo, estaban muy entusiasmados porque irían a dos islas donde tenían sus casas de verano. Los mas jóvenes se esmeraron en sacar buenas calificaciones en sus estudios para merecer la referida temporada de descanso, y, así fue.Hicieron sus preparativos, abordaron una lancha de vela y llegaron a la referida islas, y casas; descansaron y se dispusieron a recrearse por lo hermoso del referido ambiente donde también practicaron esquí y pescaron, ademas de otras actividades recreativas propias de las islas.
Sentían el placer de visitarse ambas familias para socorrerse en cualquier necesidad ya que eran los únicos que allí se encontraban.
Días antes de regresar unieron esfuerzos para hacer alguna reparación a la lancha.
Cumplido el tiempo de su estadía regresaron a sus casas en la ciudad, llenos de energía para incorporarse a sus labores de rutina.
La unidad y la armonía predominaron en las mencionadas familias, lo cual fue el sello definitivo de la felicidad durante la estadía.

La felicidad deriva no de lo que se tenga ni adonde se valla, sino de la manera como nos acomodamos a las circunstancias disfrutando el momento en cooperación con los demás.


Hi @brismar

thanks for great description from my digital photo

Golden clouds nice combination with sun,aswame work..

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Once I fell in love with a sea monster
I wasn't convinced he was so I just danced to his own tune
My parents warned me about him
Friends talked to me about my new found love
Even my enemies stammers and triggers at the mention of his name

Yet I was still nonchalant
Didn't wanna listen to anyone nor accept their point of view
I was in love
Yes so in love with this sea monster
I couldn't sleep a day without thinking about him
I see him in my dreams
Though I couldn't understand most of the dream but I wasn't disturbed about it

In my dream, my love goes away
In my dream, beyond my control he slips away
In my dream he told me he isn't as fancy as he looked
In my dream he kissed me "goodbye"
In my dream he sailed away at sunset
Leaving me behind, off shore

I knelt down pleading and begging
I scream and yelled that my love should take me along
I cried my eyes and heart out but to no avail
I couldn't stop him, couldn't go with him
There was no other available boat nor ship
I watched..! Yes I watched as my love sailed away

I woke up screaming and crying
To find out it was all a dream
Happy but had I know it was more than a dream
It was more like a vision; revelation

But before I realized this,
My love went away
Yes exactly as in my dream
He sailed away at sunset...!

I am @zellypearl

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Hi @zellypearl

thanks for great story / poem from my digital photo

Sunrise beautiful with reflection

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Beautiful picture about sunrise, Sir. Here is my post according to ur image.


Hi @elianaelisma

thanks for great description from my digital photo

I like your digital art, I am creative and well aligned Mr. @xpilar.

Beautiful artwork about sunrise

Its really beautiful. I like ur painting, Sir.

very nice imaginatin my dear friend

That's a great idea to promote your art

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yes @bitcoinman,
and that people use their imagination to write a story

I am a small ship in the sea.

Sailing in the sea of ​​life, aimlessly and without a helm

Drifting ship, fighting to be better

Every day that passes I sink a little more

As the years go by my bow loses its color

And it is for the stern of my life that my children are being guided

I am a ship to follow, without strength to live

With my eyes full of sunrises and agony

I have a hard time following, sometimes I don't know what I'm doing here

It is the waves of the sea that allow me to float

I am a small ship sailing in the immense sea

Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, but every day I sink more

The years do not pass in vain, I know that the sea wants to beat me

But here I continue sailing and without a helm I am facing the sea

I can't stop fighting although in the end I will lose

Someday in the sea of ​​life I will sink

But my eyes will take sunrises and sublime occasions

Moments of company and loneliness

But today will not be the day that the sea swallowed me

Today I can say that this little ship beat

And floating in the sea I enjoy another sunset.


Hi @anasuleidy

thanks for great story / poem from my digital photo

Excellent way to capture the sunset, very realistic and incredible colors.


Hi @teresah

thanks for great description from my digital photo

Boat in the Channel at Sunset

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thanks for the description@golden.future

Go back to the island.

On a distant island lives a talented child, a lover of medicine, who with the elders of the island and through experiments learned the art of healing, extensive knowledge of plants, their benefits and how it works for health. This child called a doctor by all, is the one without title and without age heals everyone on the island.
His parents and neighbors have encouraged him to study and in the future be a doctor.
Studying medicine is so expensive but all the inhabitants of the island contribute to making Daniel a medical graduate.
So it was that the years passed and one day Daniel with a suitcase in hand was to fulfill the dream of all the inhabitants of the island, the dream of his life, to study to be a doctor.
Every year, during his vacations, Daniel returned to the island, went through consultations, shared with the elderly, cried if some inhabitant left, celebrated a birth ... When Daniel arrived on the island, they were days of celebration, days where the inhabitants felt safe, They knew they had a great doctor available to help them.
But suddenly Daniel did not go to the island ... he began to postpone his travels, the excuses were more followed, the years went by and the inhabitants stopped talking about their doctor, Daniel was a memory, a reference of an inhabitant who He grew up and didn't come back.
On an April afternoon, during the celebration of the Patron Saint of the island, the inhabitants noticed a small bar code that was approaching, they all went to the shore to discover who was manning the bar code


When the barcode between the rocks recognized one of the crew, it was Daniel the doctor, who came with three more people.
When Daniel arrived they received him with much love, they updated him with the news, about the inhabitants who had died and those who had been born, those who had married and the many children who dreamed of studying as they had done.
Daniel introduced his family, his wife and two children, apologized for his absence, told them why he had returned and his great surprise.
The island has its own school and a hospital.
The inhabitants applauded the good news and celebrated that their doctor returned to the island.


Hi @jdbs

thanks for the great story from my digital photo

i am enjoying watching this one so peaceful and amazing


Amazing picture and colour

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The calm sea. Fishermen immediately seized the opportunity to go fishing in the sea.
It's great picture.
I wanted it to be so cozy all over the world.


thanks for the description @angmon