The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 59)

in art

Time for a contest again, where you are the author

Digital art made by @xpilar

Be creative, Make a good story out of my digital picture

You join easily,

You post your story with my picture on your blog.

Yes your blog

and you also post the story in the comment box
here on my blog and with a link to your post

Those who choose to write a story and publish it on their own
blog page gets rewarded by me with an upvote for it on your site

Remember to add the link here when you have posted so I can see it

kaos 1.jpg

See the picture better CLIK HERE, view full size

Here you see a bit when I create the image in
the 3D program before I put on effects and colors

kaos 1 vise1.jpg

kaos 1 vise 2.jpg

I am grateful for a comment about my Digital art

If you want to write a story,
it mus be related to my picture
Be creative when creating the story

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En un determinado ambiente marítimo se construyó un club con una pista de baile con acceso al mar, quedando así, rodeada de agua en una tercera parte de sus lados, para el mejor disfrute de los turistas.
Lógicamente que los propietarios tomaron las previsiones necesarias contempladas en la ley, además de que le colocaron boyas para la prevención de accidentes de las embarcaciones que a dicho lugar visitaran para su esparcimiento.
No obstante una determinada embarcación (lancha de motor) sobrepasó los límites.Su conductor no se percató de las previsiones a tomar por causas desconocidas.
Gracias a Dios fueron auxiliados de inmediato y después que pasaron el “vaporón” entraron al club y como verdaderos amantes de la vida sana y con mente positiva comenzaron a divertirse tal fue el objetivo.

interesting information I will try to thank you very much info @xpilar

How are you
It seems like it's been a long time since I made a description of your digital image. I hope you have very good health at this time.

You show how to do digital images below. it's a very complicated construction in my opinion. looks very difficult to make.

I describe your digital image in terms of health. the red round is like cholesterol in the blood. cholesterol is found in the walls of blood vessels. when someone always consumes foods that contain cholesterol, like foods that are fried in oil repeatedly. sponge cake, fast food, and others.

the cholesterol will be more and more. and he will stick to the walls of blood vessels. so that the flow of blood that flows will be blocked. if this is not Addressed, it will worsen the condition. cause complications such as coronary heart disease, if cholesterol blocks the heart's blood vessels. causes a stroke, if cholesterol clogs in the blood vessels of the brain. and will cause kidney failure.

one must go on a low cholesterol diet and exercise regularly. this is just my brief description of your digital image.

3d art has come out of 3d art everywhere and everything seems real You work on 3d art and motivate other people to work
I'm joining your contacts too
You always post extraordinary awesome and host such a Contest thank you so much for the post you are promoting a little steemit.
Many thanks for sharing such digital art among us.

Hello @xpilar

Mi participación

To visit the post of @xpilar is to find an artistic surprise, from spatial images, to very beautiful nature, a variety of styles almost always with a lot of style. The image I see are spheres floating in a space. Let's see what I can tell about this special image.

That so dark

Here is my short story!

My Dream World..

I dreamt of a world like this one
Where everything is overruled by technology
A planet built in space
Where robots and other technical instruments have a chance of coexistence

I dreamt of a world
Based on my own intents
An imaginative world of fantasy
Where inventions are birth
Approved and used for the betterment of life

I dreamt of a world
Where we have to walk on space
Without obeying the law of gravity
Neither be affected by gravitational forces and magnetic field

I dreamt of a world
Far above the stars
Where wishes makes our daily living
And the moon smiles at us every time we look down in admiration
A world full of glory and splendour
Where tripping things takes place

I dreamt of a world
As unique as this
Where all the nine planets assemble together
And make magic on their own
Without mercury being to hot too visit
Not Pluto being to cold too step in

A world we can all coexist..!

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  ·  작년

thank you @zellypearl for your dreams and great poetry

It been a while I participated in your competition
And I'm happy to join today's contest
Thank you for the opportunity always given to bring something creative to the platform

Below is my post link

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  ·  작년

nice to have you back in the competition @zellypearl

Amazing digital art of Universe

Very excellent art and drawing

Amazing a poat brother

interesting so much that is very nicely done :)

Nice 3D exclusive work

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Hola @xpilar. Aqui dejo mi intervención, me puso a pensar esta fabulosa imagen.

  ·  작년

thanks for the great story @antoniarhuiz


Thanks for another competition.
This image is difficult for a good story but this is my late entry

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Hi @sincroniadivina

I live into your story as I read it.
Thanks for the great story

Here there will probably be 100% upvote from the entire Team @xpilar


Hola @xpilar, acabo de realizar una publicación usando tu imagen, este es el link

Espero que el relato sea de tu agrado, gracias.

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thanks for the amazing story in part 5


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In love with the countryside.

Joyful road through the green forest

Receiving the forces of nature

A subtle breeze caresses my face

The soft aroma of trees seduces me

The sky shakes me and tears of joy run down my face.

In the city nothing makes my days happy

But here in the field everything is said

Even the most gray day manages to make me smile

The coldest dawn fills my soul with heat

The song of the birds brings me serenades

Remembering me, I'm in my beloved sheet

I love the look of the dragonfly

That with his big eyes he invites me to dance at dawn.

I love the gray sky with its thick clouds

I love the mosquitoes that look like a machine

I love the eyes of a calf and a cow

I love the big eyes of the dancing dragonflies

I love the whole field and from here nobody takes me out.