Basis Neuro: The Power of the Mind in Action

3년 전

What is Basis Neuro?

Neurotechnology is now in your hands thanks to Basis Neuro, Basis Neuro is a platform that aims to bring neurotechnology closer to both companies and people, this will be possible through its functional prototype which is a headset which through the signals held by the electronic devices and all its components.

This technology is a gateway to a world of infinite possibilities, Basis Neuro can be used in all areas of the world, from security, communication, medicine and even video games, Basis Neuro is soon connected to everything around us making our life much easier.


During the creation of my design I wanted to create something different and fresh, experiment with two colors that I think go great together and I liked the final result, in the background I placed a trail of blocks that I think represent both the blockchain and the signals emitted by the brain, I hope you like the logo :D.

If you want to know more about Basis Neuro you can do it through this link


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