4th Happy WORLD RATS DAY: A drawing (Baby Fufunchi) and a heartfelt memory

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Today is 4th of April... World Rats Day... so you know why I'm posting (well most of my fellow Steemian friends, or the ones that know me can guess why)

My drawing of a Baby "Fufunchi".

Here a drawing I made of a baby rat... because I'm a bit desperate to have baby rats again hahaha :). I'm not sure if I'll detail it a bit better but here it is as today is a special date. :) I chose a soft pastel palette. And well this is something I long for, to have a few "baby fufunchis" as I call them.

Baby Fufunchi  - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

I think it would make a nice card, maybe I will print some :)

4th of April: An International Day to appreciate Rats

Yes, I posted early today... two posts in a day? what happened? Well, due to the date I had to give it a go... I was reading @coruscate post about shitposting and doubting, should I just feel free to do this freewrite shout I usually take so long to make my posts, but I genuinely wanted to share this... (hope by the time I finish writing you don't find it a "shitpost" anymore hahaha) but as this is a day to appreciate rats and in which we crazy rat owners and lovers post cute pictures of ratties to maybe "change" your mind a little about them. Not all are vermin and some are very loved.

I had three "fufunchis" Tuula (Wind), Ritva (Birch Branch) and Taika. I miss them everyday and even if I don't have rats as pets now I am sure I will have in the future and I still am a "tiny bit" obsessed with them. They were for me healing packages of happiness and most of my steemian friends know me around as "the girl who posts rat memes" on discord :). Oh I have mastered the art of posting rat memes already... My friends @pechichemena and @paintingangels sometimes challenge me but you know, it's a superpower :)

You'll be in my heart always. Singing to my rat Ritva on her last Birthday.

This is a very special video for me, and a very intimate moment. PD. It is not easy to sing, play with one hand only on the piano and holding a rat burrito... but this moment was so real it still makes me cry years after. She was already frail and old and lived not much longer but she was so genuinely happy listening to me.

for one so small you seem so strong
you'll be in my heart always

Song is not mine but a cover of Tarzan (Disney) still every single word resonated with me that moment

This is my rat Ritva on her third birthday some years ago. She was a brave little thing, had hind leg paralysis for most of her last year. At the beginning she managed with a little Lego wheel chair. She loved food till the last day, and cuddles and boggling her eyes in happiness. So many lessons learnt from my rats.

Rats are social and they would prefer not to use a cosy hammock unless all the pack can fit in. They do care for their children (and elder) and they get depressed when their partners pass away. I fell in love with them observing how they behaved among themselves. They are playful as a dog, they can fetch a ball, spin, being recalled by their name. They will play with you, lick you like a puppy, seek your company and cuddles.

Did you know you can teach a trick to a rat in two hours? They sport also an excellent memory being able to learn so many of them.

And to end this post another memory composing Advanced contemporary music with Tuula, Ritva and Taika

You probably saw me with 3 plush toys as avatars of them all over Steemfest last year :)

So this is why

Happy World Rats Day!

Feel free to share some ratty love in the comments, I'll appreciate it :)

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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Rats are really wonderful :) I used to have a friend who was also obsessed with rats and we called her the Rat Queen and she is a wonderful, wonderful person :D Your affection and appreciation of these gorgeous animals are so touching and heart-warming, Priscilla!

I hope you will one day have another (or two or three or more) rat companions again :)



:) I will, you have to have two or more, they need to be in a pack... Once I settle somewhere, the last few years I've hung in a temporary location so it's not the right time... hope circumstances allow soon... but I cannot help but keep on spreading love for them... and rat meme are Pris emojis you know LOL hahah

Such sweet little babies. They do make such adorable pets @yidneth


I miss them dearly, and once I settle in a new place I'll go for more ratties again, they lived a long happy life and left me not long ago... but I can't help to continue spreading love about the species... I'm converted hahah :) into them :)

My 5 year old son is a big fan of rodents in general. At present we have a hamster, but I get the feeling before too long we will be rat owners. It seems like as children most of us find rats and mice cute and interesting. Pretending to be a mouse was one of my favorite games as a child. But then somewhere along the way in adulthood the message is cemented in us that they are repulsive. I got totally freaked out seeing a wild one near my feet a few months ago when I was in the woods, but it was totally irrational. It seems like a full time job catching the things we have been programed to think, and then changing them.

That's pretty cool that they can learn a trick so fast. Maybe we will be observing that in the coming months :)


Oh they are indeed so smart, the only thing that's bad is that they only live 4 years tops being as loving as a dog, it takes a toll because you love them so much and they shine so bright and are gone so soon, but I'm grateful for the time. If ever getting them, remember, you must have at least two (three is better) as they're social and they do need companionship, if not they don't develop their character as it should be and are just sad and depressed. It's natural to be freaked by any wild animal, if a person comes dirty out of the sewers and feels menace I wouldn't go and touch it, we must remember though that dirt down there is ours :( they just fend as they can. Rats are often blamed for the plague but truth is that they were not the carriers but the flees that were in ALL hot blooded beings back then including people. As a curiosity Rattus Norvegicus (common rat) was resistant and helped to displace other rodent species, helping (oh the contradictions) to erradicate it XD by displacing other animals more susceptible to have flees. Really they are amazing, with a little patience you can potty train them, teach them to fetch a ball, come by their name. I had a hamster, she was so beautiful and special but she chewed "everything" ratties can be taught not to, hahah they will gnaw things sure, but they can be trained to be on open cage under vigilance. hahah I sound like a Crazy Rat Lady hahah :) well hahah I try my best to spread some information about it.
Pd. I studied Molecular Biology but I could never hurt one... now I'm a pro-them and try to make people aware of how many lives they have saved as involuntary research subjects. We should be grateful.


That is a very interesting perspective about the lab rats. I never thought of it that way before, and it makes good sense.

I have a close friend that adores her rats, so you don't sound like a crazy rat lady at all. You two would probably like each other :)


well, now through internet I find that I'm not that odd, many people have "converted" LOL :) they are indeed adorable, most underrated pet.

OMG I just finished watching @coruscate's video about shitposting and your post was the next on my feed haha. Funny you mentioned it.

OMG you're so multi-talented. I love the drawing! and also this :

It is not easy to sing, play with one hand only on the piano and holding a rat burrito...



aww thanks, my proper post of late was earlier today, I usually take so long to post that felt odd to do a second post same day after two weeks hahah!... And I was concerned as I'm sooo picky most of the time but well, It's Worlds Rat Day, you know me :) I'm the Rat Lady of Steemit How could I not share it? So well went for a free write :) but hope you found it worth. The drawing was left unfinished, maybe one day I'll detail it more :) though I think it's kind of sweet being "soft" as it is.


Oh yeah, forgot to say "Happy Worlds Rat Day" haha. I wonder if the rats in my roof know it's their day today. Maybe I should leave some peanut butter out for them tonight :D


hahah It's pretty sticky safer for them some crumbs of bed. hahah!

They can be really cute you know, this is a Ritva Super model moment!

I love ratties! Never had any but I cuddle other people's ones whenever I can XD They don't live nearly long enough :<

Happy Rat Day (I still get spun out hearing about all these random days).


hahah they are not random hahah XD I guess almost every day is an important day for someone :) for me the ones related with nature and animals and fantasy things are the ones I remember... let me check probably today it's the "random" day of something hahah dunno, well in April there is Earth Day, later on this month, I remember that one haha

I didn't know there's a world rats day, but I guess it's appropriate that the Rat Queen informs me that such thing exists. I wonder how people celebrate this day? And is there also special day for other animals? I guess it's great if there are so we can celebrate animals more often.

Your drawing of a baby rat is pretty cute, I think its dreaming softly about some delightful things, maybe a cuddle from the queen or some delicious food. I like how you made the tail, it looks pretty detailed :).


hahah in Barcelona where I used to live, rat owners would gather in the park and well I have a friend in Poland and they make a big fair and all :) on instagram as algorithm has learned I love ratties I get all the notifications hahah
Well the drawing is kind of a speed painting, not meant to be detailed but more on the soft side, I love their tails though they have that scaly texture to it like a pattern. Baby rats are the cutest, I simply adore their feet (guess is like some women talking about babies and me ohhh ratty feet awwwww)

Happy World Rat day! I love everything about this post. Thank you for sharing the rattie love. I love the pastel drawing, the videos and the photo art and look forward to seeing more rat memes. <3

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un animalito muy bonito y bien cuidado, es muy importante la personalidad, que tiene estas mascotas, tu dibujo esta excelente, atrapaste esa escena conmovedora dela tranquilidad que emana mientras esta dormida plácidamente,saludos.


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♥♥♥ This post made me all teary eyed and dreamy. Lotsa love.. enjoy the cake! ♥
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