All 5 Plant Drawings with Passe-Partout available for Steem

3년 전


Today I cut out two more passe-partouts for the drawing of Hedge Garlic and the one of Wood Sorrel. The drawings are available for Steem now. You can eather purchase them via Steemit or have a visit in @kaliberlin and get them there.

1 (2).jpg

Lots of Light and Love <3

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@yoganarchista, That would be amazing art work. But I have doubt why you hide your face? :D
Just excellent color combination.


I had an bike accident this weekend and my one eye is blue still :) Thought it would be no good marketing strategy :D


Oh...I sorry dear.. Sad to hear that.

Your art is really good and I love the way how you have made your passion and work into a business and hobby.

That happens very rearly when one gets to do that.


Well, if I would sell my works that would be a business. Would you like to purchase a drawing?

I love your artworks! Keep it up and continue to inspire all of us!


Thank you for your nice feedback :)


You're welcome. Well deserved :o)

I like it 😉


Thank you :)

It's a true powerof steemit, you can purchase and buy from here.


Yep, are you interested in buying one of my works?


How much do I pay for right side, you hold on left hand and which currency sbd or steem?

You have some good drawing skill. Steem is a right choice to promote your art. Thanks for sharing @yoganarchista


Thank you for your comment. I know steemit is great. Greetings and good day :)

hey these are great!
and your photos are beautiful!


Thank you very much <3

Very good friend. Thanks for the information. Good luck always for you @yoganarchista.


Thank you very much ;-) Latel things are very turbulant ;-) Lets see how things develop <3

Beautiful this art, I appreciate your creativity...
Thanks for sharing this post.

the art that you paint always brings a very amazing result my friend, may you always success yes, I will always support you dear.

you looking so gorgeous with crown and yellow flower,also the most creative art with your both hand..

Super schöne Bilder!
Pin ich zu mir!!!!

Sau cooles Piercing! ;) :)