The Primitive Man With Horns! [onARTBali/Indonesia Project]

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I love Indonesian art and spent zillion of hours in Pak Wayan's galleries, finding his treasures. It feels like travelling.......

Meet Pak Wayan,The "Unknown" Balinese ICON, How A Tour Driver became an Art Collector of Indonesian Treasures

I named this stunning Timorese figure from the onARTBali collection, "The Primitive Man with Horns", aprox. 20 cm long and is for sure one of my favourite artefacts in Pak Wayan's collection in Bali.


The Dictionary Definition

Primitive is related to the word prime, and the root of both words is primus, which is Latin for "first." Since the phrase "primitive man" refers to the world's first people, you might think that the word primate has something to do with the similarity between early humans and monkeys, but it doesn't.


I couldn't find out much about it but will tell you a little bit about Timor, the region where Pak Wayan got it from and also about Timorese culture.

Maybe I love the mystery about it so much.

I found this very nice article, you should read HERE if you are interested in Timorese Culture & Traditions.

Original Photography by Matthew Oldfield and Andrea Torelli

Timorese Craft

Amongst the 700,000 population of West Timor are some clever and talented artisans still working in the traditional methods with little more than a machete and a small knife. In a land where there is little opportunity to earn additional income the crafts of Timor serve a dual purpose: of helping to preserve cultural integrity and providing artists with creative outlet; and supplementing income. Source


The complet photogallery of artefacts for sale you can find HERE

Timorese carving tradition

Today, with virtually no outside influences, statues, masks, and indeed all Timorese handcraft, have evolved to be quite distinctly Timorese. Some similarities may be drawn with Papua New Guinean statues and even Nepalese masks, yet you can be assured that the style has been created by the carvers themselves. The lack of modern equipment is one of the reasons the ancestral figure work is still present. As a means of honouring the departed, a statue would be carved and usually kept in the false roof of the lopo. It is brought out to re-tell stories and remember. Similarly guardian spirits, ancestor figures or totemic spirits are captured in wood for posterity. The tradition of carving has been continued and is practiced by males exclusively. The carvers work with wood (teak, red cedarwood, eucalyptus and palmwood), bamboo, coconut shell, gourds, bone and fossilised coral. - Source

Geko / Big Ears / Big Nose / Big Mouth with Teeth / CrossEye masks

I will tell you more about our masks from Timor soon.


The earliest historical record about Timor Island dates of around 14th Century.
It was identified by the Javanese as Timur, as an Island within the Majapahit’s realm.
The Majapahit Era dates from 1293 to 1500’s. And was the largest Kingdom of Indonesia, and consisted of Java, Sumatra, Bali, Timor and Malaya.

READ ON my website onartbali and in below articles, where you can also download my brochure and know more about the project, stories behind.


The Singa Lion Serpant! Singha Tua - The Batak People Of Sumatera 🇮🇩 [onARTBali/Indonesia Project]

The Bahau Dayak Wood Monkey - Indonesian Artefacts

[Episode3] BACKSTAGE BALI - Meditation And Encounters with Spiritual Beings - Eccentric or Mad? Carvings by I Nyoman Tjokot (1886-1971)

I am open for help, funding this project, creating a wonderful table book and documentary, travelling with Pak Wayan again to all places where he collected his treasures, telling about his journeys through Indonesia in those past 60 years.

I created @onartbali on steemit but unfortunately lost my keys.

Yours @mammasitta


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nice article :), i collect some old statue from papua,java and other places and it similar like this statue ,#Indonesia history is very old ,it proven by the discovery of old ancient Pyramid called Gunung ( Mountain ) Padang ( Bright ) which archaeologist predicted this Pyramid is 100 bigger than Pyramid of Giza in Egypt,in this Pyramid Called Gunung Padang we will find the old stone which created a sound and the stone itself is not an ordinary stone,until now the research of this Pyramid is not finish yet,because the government of Indonesia didn't want to blow up this Pyramid into media ,and some people say there is a lot of treasure on this pyramid,so #Indonesia #story and history is still interesting to observe,like one of this #artefacts statue ;)

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@akashas Here we goooooooo

Thanks so much @senu

This comment put a big smile on my face, especially on this article about "Primitive men with horns" :)

I am compelled to say that in antique times people used to breed with animal that were close to their livelihood like goats, cows, sheeps etc...also horses from which the Greeks has a mythological god about a man half human half horse ...can't remember his name but Greek mythology isn't that mythological after all :D

I fotgot the Egyptian mythology too...the dog headed priest, the sphinks etc... all came from actual breeds with animals and not from merely imagination
In Arabia and long before the coming of religions or in other words long before there were rules about how to live men and women used to declare publicly that they are getting married to a goat or a camel or whatever their affection was at the moment
hahaha crazy if you think about it now but then it was as normal as walking in the park ;)


This makes total sense and somehow this little Man resembles a goat indeed....hmmmm....Could be ...

Woody Allen’s movie jumps in my mind as well” everything what you need to know about sex” where some guy fell in love with his goat or sheep . Hahhaa!

Here is your “Centaur”


Centaur yesss lol ..under the armenian skies XD lmao


Crazyyyy seems there are more and more of those creatures breeding again.
Don’t get me wrong! I love animals more than some “humans” sometimes 🙈but the mix is kind of dangerous.
Alexander the Great reportet already to Aristotle about „dog headed“ men.
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine those bankers and wacky politicians. They start looking worse and worse. Haaaaa Maybe it’s just my imagination about a lot of “Anubis“ taking over our planet.....


@austinebizzy that’s also for you and you @akashas

I like that in Morocco we have a lot of this culture i wish you writing about this in the future
sorry for my language I still learn english

Did this ever existed?
The primitive man.
Long ago in school days, we were taught about the primitive man in biology classes, describing how horrifying he had looked and how he had evolved. Its usually the most interactive section in class then, memories awakened.


I just replied above :)

Wonderful mom, I see that Indonesia and its culture have a lot of influence on you. I hope you can get someone to help you develop the beautiful project you have in mind. Receive an affectionate hug. Best regards.


16 years influenced me big time that I feel a Bit Lost back in Europe as far as mentality goes. I am tinted by so many different cultures indeed. I might have to find another planet or maybe better utopia


If you have been influenced for 16 years, then you are already part of it and it is normal that you feel that way, because you have surely lived beautiful experiences that you compare with the European mentality. You do not need another planet, you just need to enjoy what you do, your daughter, the culture of Indonesia and everything that makes you happy, although I do not know if it is so simple for you. Do not stop writing, many appreciate what you do. Best regards, wonderful mother.


I am blushing right now :)

Wow, it's really pleasure to watch the artifacts of possibly the human beings first races and it's really amazing to see that our world have really rich histories and it amaze me how advanced our ancient races were because if we see something epic or whatever epic architectural structures all over the world are created by the ancient races and they were reflect as great artist and highly intellectual. Thanks for sharing this historical post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


I am still learning and study a lot about various cultures, especially indonesian.

I am just fascinated because those typ of artefacts show us how we might have looked?


Yes, artifacts are key to understand all aspects related to ancient living, culture and intellectual richness. Keepup your learning and research and keep exploring. 🙂

wow. thats rel art.
thanks for all the details.
beautiful style. nice


We got over 6000!!!! pieces I could document and I might :)


wwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu....6000...that would be the longest steemit post ever and a great challenge if the blockchain is able to save all in one post :-D hahahaha. but better make shorter ones.

hope to see more of this :-)



Of course one by one 🙈😶

You are a culture women and tolerance, i love your post mammsitta.

I enjoy reading these kind of posts. Upvoted and resteemed.

I will wait for posts about masks, it has always been interesting how they are done and what they mean. an interesting statuette, although it seems simple but it was not so easy to do it, I suppose.

Such an amazing post.Happy womens day.btw did you remember me.hope i wish that we will meet in bali.

It is a very strange and curious figure, it looks like a goat. On the other hand, the truth has never heard about the Timorese, they have a nice culture that is worth supporting, hopefully you can recover that project and so we can contribute a grain of sand. Greetings.


Interesting that you see a goat. Read the first comment :) on this page

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sounds good because I have no system for my footers :)

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Magical. Thanks for sharing. I find it really intriguing, such an unique style.

This is called the heart of black


hahaha...I love this :) Kind of true!

the things i read and see on peoples blog. this is awesome


Thats really very kind of you to say!

old treasure to hold on to its nice to see something like this


Such a unique piece indeed!

Such an amazing is incomplete with women.happy womens day.

Very interested indonesian Timorese mestry culture . I impress your way of writing . Thanks for sharing a very interesting post .
@mammasitta stay blessed!

Sehr schönes Art !


Mystery to be unfold i enjoyed checking this post out thanks dear for sharing this

interesting to know about it looks great something unique

Nice collection of heroes Statue ..@mammasitta..
Ohh i am afraid !!!!!!!!!!
Heroes looking so dangerous ...


That’s what you feel looking at this figure? It’s a hero statue? are even afraid? Really?

Art collection...
Thank you for sharing

Hello. I liked your post, keep it up. Good luck :)


Keep it up??? @meesterboom :)

How could @demix you read this in 33 seconds :) but thanks anyways

You are right Indonesian art privately and Asian art as a whole are great they appreciate the details and these stuff. I advise you to take a look at the Arabic art too

My upvote is small, but you've got it,my friend. If you need any assistance regard the logo you have contact me! I will see what i can do. I don't want money just want to help Upvote and resteemed sir


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wow you always found interesting stuff and thanks for sharing it @mammasitta