How to Fuel Your Motivation When You Are Feeling Bored or Exhausted?


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Building motivation and incentive is one thing, maintaining it a whole others.

When we feel bored or exhausted, it does not necessarily mean that we lack incentive or our mindset is somehow compromised.

The explanation is rather simple; we tend to get bored easily and even with things we love, it is normal to feel without energy.


There are two golden methods that can immediately and effectively increase your incentive and alleviate your state of boredom.

1 - Use Curiosity to Fuel Incentive!

Imagine that you have to read a book to learn a particular subject. It’s not just the fact that you have to read it, let us imagine that you actually want to read it.

But you simply lack the energy and the incentive to do so.

One powerful method of gaining that necessity amount of motivation is through curiosity.

Ask yourself a question that you can only answer if you read that book.

The question and your curiosity to know the answer will give you the required energy and incentive to read through the book.

If you take a closer look, you will realize that modern society and the whole of marketing revolves around this single topic of interest:

2 - Use Pleasurable Rewards and Prizes!

One of the most effective ways that can get something done is the motivation that comes with setting a prize or a reward for yourself.

For instance, you have a favorite tv show that you intend to binge-watch, but the sheer amount of workload doesn’t allow you to get on it.

One thing you can do is set deadlines and milestones for that activity.

After performing each task in the appropriated time, you can reward yourself with an episode.

This not only alleviates your boredom; it will actually give you incentive to take care of the job.

Take boredom seriously and do not blame yourself if you feel bored or exhausted. It can happen to the best of us.

What better way to do that than raising your curiosity or rewarding yourself for the excellent work that you do on a daily basis?


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