These Things That Help Shape Your Personality on a Daily Basis


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There are many things we interact with on a daily basis and there are many people with whom we share a life full of its own coming and going.
These things & these people all shape us in ways that we cannot fathom at the moment of every event or occurrence.
Sometimes, it is not about something happening, but more about being exposed to a particular set of ideas or beliefs that influence you on a conscious or subconscious level.

How do we manage such change or influence?
It is absolutely necessary to understand that you are the sum of the five things that you are in contact with on a daily basis.
Your five friends who you see regularly, the five family members that are the closest to you, the five subjects that you are constantly working on or are exposed to…

All of these create who you are, or at least influence you to some degree.

It is also important to recognize the five top things that influence you more than anything else in the world.

A person who has figured out who his five best friends are, what his five best books are, and how his five greatest ideas shape who he is as a person is someone who is ahead of his time.
What we without these things?

What is our identity without knowing what our favorite things in life are or why we love the people we love?
Even if you have to make a list, make a note of doing that as soon as possible.

You need to recognize the things closest to you in order to find your identity.

Your purpose in this world can easily be grasped by taking a good and attentive look at everything you have ever done in your life.

This is not about having prejudice towards the people you meet or necessarily ranking their importance.

This is just about figuring your own priorities rather than having to constantly deal with everything without knowing its true value in your life.

This also helps with many insecurities that we might experience on a daily basis.

When you are aware of your own values and priorities, things cannot easily scare you or give you anxiety.
If you do not know the best books you have read, if you do not know the best friends you have made, if you do not know the best ideas you have had, then you are not living the life that you are supposed to live!

Figure out your priorities and give them the recognition and the value that they deserve.

you and your values will be trampled on left and right on a daily basis.

Recognizing the things that make you who you are is a great step towards a larger world in which you can rise and shine and claim your destiny.

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