the health benefits of being able to make love

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Sex does not only work to get offspring and recreation, but it has many health benefits as a side effect. Here are 7 benefits to make love for health that you should know.

Make the breath more loose

Sex is one of the natural antihistamines, which can help us breathe more freely as well as can dispel asthma symptoms.

Make you look younger

A good sex life is a youthful key. A study of 3,500 people aged 18 to 102 by Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland found that sex can reduce stress, give pleasure, and sleep more soundly. All of these things make us look younger and healthier.

Helps the body fight disease

Making love once or twice a week will increase the production of 30 percent more immunoglobulin A, so our immune system increases. Researchers also found that people who have an active sex life will have a lower risk of cancer, heart attacks, and stroke. In addition, sex is also a cure for fever and flu.

Burn calories

Like sports, sex also makes the body burn fat and calories, which is about 96 calories for 20 minutes of sex. And as we know, burning calories through exercise is good for our bodies.

Reduce the pain

Have you ever forgotten your pain during sex? It may very well happen because sexual stimulation makes us more resistant to pain as well as having the effect of relieving the pain. Research suggests that sex stimulation can relieve muscle aches, migraines, and other pain.

Long life

A British study conducted to study the relationship between death and frequency of sex. The results found that the risk of death in men who have sex twice or more a week is 50 percent less than those who only have sex once a month. This study also mentions that more and more sex will be better for health.

Make someone feel better

Sexual activity also produces a sense of joy. A study in the US involving 1,800 people found an increase in oxytocin and endorphins when a person has an orgasm. It makes people feel comfortable and happy.

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