Monetizing imagination, why not?

5년 전

I learned today of this site that is employing SCI-FI writers to help companies communicate the future.

It's a very cool idea that makes a lot of sense, especially when you think about how shortsighted we are about how things will look. The problem is, as always, that we can not imagine that things will be this different. In many way, we think life will be more or less as it is now, with a few changes. We also tend to think that things will change a lot short term but minimize how much this change will ripple into our life long term. That is to say: we don't like change.
So how do you bring change into the world in a way that is accesible?
You tell a story

The story must be futuristic but also relate able, basically like a sci-fi book, a good world building book. I mean think about crypto. A lot of people heard about BTC but they can't really imagine this used in THEIR lives. There is no good story about BTC beyond some people getting rich off of it and some drug lords using it for drugs, hookers and other dark web shit. The story of BTC, while epic and amazing( Everyone, please read Digital Gold, gonna tell you more about it soon) it's not really the story we have in our collective mind about BTC.
And listen. the story is everything!

I am more and more impressed by the power the stories have over us. It's simply amazing but also makes a lot of sense, this is how we evolved to communicate. The stories that win and stay with us...mold the future in their image. Then the same thing can be retold in a different light and it's a different story and it can mold a totally different future. SAME EVENT! That's crazy and wonderful to me.

So anyway: very interesting concept and site. Check it out.

For more about stories please watch this video. It's awesome and might kind of blow your mind if this is the first time you really think about storytelling in this way. I know that it had a great influence on me at the time.

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thanks brother for sharing this helpful site i think some people never go with a change . some go with a crowd they call it change no one want to ivest their time in learning new things

Yes exactly. This is what we are building today with crypto and steemit. A new story a new idea. I love this post and the video and will resteem.

Thanks for sharing.

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oh yeah, monetizing MEMES is a subject iv been trying to touch upon for a while i even got BANNED in for eveb SUGESTING that they coukld ctually grow up and stop wasting so much time together as a group by switching to uplading memes to STEEMItw here u can actually MONETIZE them UNLIKE reddit where u have to do all sorts of crazy shit to be able to monetize memes, like maybe run a youtube channel which will end up getting banned anyway and u cant monetize compilation videos No way! so its obvious steemit ios the BEST place to Monetize mes!

yes monetizing imagination, thats the secret!

idea people can thrive if they have discipline!

u can be the most crative mind on earth but if u cant COMMUNICATE your visions, then youre just another tripping hippie!

we have to get good at LANGUAGE and SPEAKINg and the only way to do that is to watch videos from intelligent people BUT also listen to AUDIO BOOKS bcause lets face it, we dont hve time to read

so while ur replying on steemit, put on some audio books, sci fi and history are great for steemit, but any subject will work

just reemmvber , the Bas is always moe powerful than the treble

the Moon man only winks at night

fake it til you BREAK it, then MAKE it up before you WAKE it up

I found myself right where I left me.

One day, the sun is gonna say, "Do you even know whats up?" and you'l go 'There's nothing new under the stars"

All these axioms and more for just $9.99

It's about time... Very Cool!