New Business Model in the coming year

2개월 전

A new year (the year of 2020) will come soon. What kind of business model will appear? In my mind, at least, there might be three trends of Business Models that will attract the world.

  1. AI-based Business Model
    The term of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been surrounding in every aspects of life. Smart home, smart factory, smart logistics are some of the applications. The word "smart" attached to the domain means that something related with AI will be in the domain. It’s now normal for people who unlock their front doors, control the air conditioning, brew their coffee, and control their home security systems all from their personal smartphone.

  2. IoT-based Business Model
    While AI is being more obvious in every domain, the IoT will be also dominant in many aspects. Compliance monitoring, preventive maintenance, asset tracking are some of the applications. While those applications might need some efforts on developing the inter-connectivity among the devices, with the development of many IoT platforms, there has been many possibilities to connect the IoT into the applications with one or more touches.

  3. Data-driven Business Model
    Data is the new oil while AI is the new electricity. The AI-based system development become meaningless without any data provision. As well, the IoT-based Business Model require data as the inter-connectivity and inter-operability among systems.

These three business model could be tremendously growth in the coming years. What do you think?

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