[CR] Wild Horse - my Oil Painting

2년 전

Artwork Image

Oil on Canvas - Wild Horse

hi ,

today i would like to post this work in @artisteem, seems it's a great dapp ,
they support Artist and painters , so i would like to try it also, here we are able to upload one picture, and i choose this oil painting that i did it years ago ,
it was one my practices about oil colors and i i sold it when it get finished ,
even if i have some mistakes i am happy ,because i had no art master , only 3, to 5 months of art class , and i think it's not much time .anyway its always fun to paint something ,
today i start another one.still working on the background .



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Hey adelepazani!
Please indicate in the future that you painted an existing picture.

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hi @artisteem , sure and thank you

Jaw drops! 😱

Hehe amazing painting @adelepazani 🎨
Anatomy is on spot and you did an excellent rendition of colours and lighting! 💙

Did you use a photo as reference or was is from various ones?
Could you provide shots from the creation process, there is concern this is not a real paint within Artisteem Team?

All cleared up

@yanes94 will re-add it to the curation list
Sorry for the confusion


thank you Luis <3
and no problem :-)


🎉 Congratulations @adelepazani! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.


great ! thank you so much Luis :-) <3 i appreciate

You know you're doing good when people are starting to question the authenticity of your work... Well done @adelepazani you are a true modern muse!



thank you so much FF

That's impressive tension in the body, it really looks like you caught it in motion. Well done :)\n\n

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What a beautiful work, Adele! Thanks for sharing!


thank you so much @trincowski :)

Greetings @adelepazani, your work is incredible. ;)


greetings @yanes94 thank you so much <3

Awesome content!
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from @friendly-fenix ? hey thanks ff ,

Wow.... incredible painting. Upvoted

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Woww its great art looking real horse @adelepazani mam
#Resteem it mam


thank you very much i appreciate

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This is a stunning work of art. I love the movement and power. Horses are such gorgeous animals. Beautifully done!


@jayna thank you very much :-)

Cool dynamic of strong animal. Excellent artwork, @adelepazani!


thank you so much @yurche :) i appreciate

this work is one of the best I've seen here in steemit, you're very good in your paintings, I really like it, it's magical to reach your level.


thank you so much :)

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Absolutely gorgeous! 😍😍😍