It's hard to consume ethically in late stage capitalism.

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Buying a writer's book and returning it is the shittiest possible way to resolve the concern of not wanting to support an artist you find too problematic. It's just theft with extra steps.

Libraries fucking exist. They're a great way to see if a writer is for you.

I will admit I torrented Laird Barron because I'd heard some people accuse him of being sexist and racist as hell, and I couldn't find his books in my library at that time. Once I read the first book and realized those people were too stupid to live, i went on to BUY everything I could find from him.

Same with John Langan. I borrowed one of his books from a library and since have bought a ton.. because I love him and want him to feed his family and keep producing.

Writers are not out there making mega bucks. Odds are pretty good that even your favorite quite popular writers either have a day job or live below the poverty line.

If you want art to exist, full stop, support artists. Libraries cost you nothing.. but ensure that you can try out a writer without ROBBING them.

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