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Drawing Portrait By @ammar0344!

Hello To The New Steem!

I would like to share my new drawing After Long time People had not like my signals Works as we have been bidding on Bots , Maybe steemian can see my original drawing work again which i had started on steemit few months Ago then i turn to trading tips!

I was trying to learn and try new ways so i think i am ready to show my works in my blog . i took pictures from the process ,
here is the reference of this lady's picture

I Draw eyes and lips and nose first , then shading skin and drawing hairs is my last step .


1_line_misc_1dc (1).gif

process of my drawing

let's start
after drawing lines i start to use my 8B pencil ,as you see i draw the eyes and eyebrow

IMG_23635 (2).jpg

IMG_23635 (3).jpg

IMG_23635 (4).jpg

IMG_23635 (5).jpg

1_line_misc_1dc (1).gif

IMG_23635 (6).jpg

IMG_23635 (7).jpg

1_line_misc_1dc (1).gif

face is completed and it is time to shading the skin

IMG_23635 (9).jpg

IMG_23635 (10).jpg

IMG_23635 (11).jpg

1_line_misc_1dc (1).gif
Thanks for Watching !


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