Arcane Gladiator- Card Game Artwork Vol.2

2년 전

Hey everyone,
So here is Vol.2 card artwork bunch from "Arcane Gladiator"

Thank you guys for checking!

Goblin Warrior-preview.jpg

Goblin Warrior.jpg

Orc Barbarian-preview.jpg

Orc Barbarian.jpg

Hurricance V2-preview.jpg


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There's two versions of the hurricane card or am I confusing the cards? Those flying things do not look impressed in the slightest XD

Fom the poses it looks like the top two cards might be facing off :)


Hey @ryuvhnn, I'm posting here a response to that card in behalf of the game designer,Nathaniel : "The Hurricane card shown here is the actual illustration for Hurricane. The other illustration is actually a cyclone (aka tornado). As I told Manthos, it must be nice to live somewhere where you don't need to know the difference!
But it was such a great piece of art that I renamed another card to Cyclone so that I could use it. In fact, Manthos updated the earlier post and the cyclone illustration is now shown on the card Cyclone." I hope this makes things more clear 😅


We get tropical cyclones on Christmas Island sometimes, have never seen tornadoes with those but I think it's usually because we catch the outside of the cyclone and that's probably fine for everyone involved as I'm not sure too many people aside from storm chasers want to see one of those up close XD

It's fine I just wasn't sure if there had been confusion or if there were art variations :)