Elven Firemage- - Card Illustration for a "Arcane Gladiator" TCG

2년 전

Hey everyone,
Here is another from "Arcane Gladiator"

Loved working on this one and overall how challenging it is to produce card art in that style in a short window timeframe while keeping the complexity at its lowest and avoiding the temptation of adding more details and polishing endlessly.
For these cards, I worked on wacom mobile studio pro in oppose of the majority of my work being done using intuos tablet and screens, as I like to take my work outdoors whenever possible and using those tablets on the go, outside the "art cave" :)

Thanks guys for checking!

Elven Firemage-tm.jpg

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I desperately wanted a MobileStudio Pro...until I realised that even that probably wouldn't stop my overwhelming hatred of Windows XD (I was getting so mad at my SP4 when visiting family that I told my sister I wasn't sure about the MobileStudio Pro after all and she said maybe I better just stick with the extra gear XD).

Working elsewhere sure sounds nice though!

How did you resist the temptation to polish endlessly XD