Karthru'ak Empire-Genesys Project| Catching up with late 2019 artwork

2년 전

Happy new year everyone!
I wish to you all, your families and loved ones for this year to be a great one.
Health above all as for me personally, I lost family member the past year, almost lost my partner and a final blow came when something else equally tragic happened. Those are now left behind hopefully as its a struggle to get over such traumatic events but for that, I can now realize even more than before how precious but also fragile our lives are. So, guys, enjoy your loved ones, the ones you cherish and make things that matter to you and also make a difference in other people's lives.
I wish to you all happiness, love and any personal success.

2019 on the business side was insanely hectic for me and for that reason I will be posting gradually late 2019 artwork I created not only for clients but as well my personal projects and much more.

The following is Artwork for The "Genesys Project", a Customizable Tabletop Miniatures game where you create your own faction and customize your equipment.

Been working on that project for a long time and I can now show even more designs.

Thanks guys and again, best wishes to every one of you out there!
Take care

Karthru'ak Empire-jpg.jpg

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Hope it was successful for all the hecticness :D (hecticity?) Love the three spots of striking colour :) Mildly curious about how the armour goes on and if they can still fly with the extra weight XD


Hey @ryivhnn! was quite successful but abstracted by serious matters. That guy can actually fly! hes super powerful! :D I had in mind that the top armor pieces were held with straps that go around his armpits but the illustration doesnt show it that well I believe!