The Guardian of Limitless Passion-Fantasy Illustration | Personal work

2년 전

Hey guys,
I wanted to share some special personal work of mine.

Accompanied by a poem written by
Lena Rose

Model: Lena Rose

"Arise, my lady of the golden sun
There is so much yet to be done
The lovers are hiding in the field
Please go now and be their shield
The knight is getting married today, he is a boy no more
The lady wants the one true love, that’s all she prayed for
Show him the way with your sweet lullaby
Before the day ends, for the time will fly by
The songs of the wolves are now fading away
Make haste, the moon is here to stay
This winter is so cold and way too bitter
Yet, with your grace, we will all shiver
We feel so small, and yet you hear us all
Without your love and cover, we are sure to fall
Blessed Mother! Give us love, please don’t look away
Dear Grandmother! Show us your wisdom today
Wise Godmother! Save our soul this cold day
Sweet Sister! Lend us your passion, forever here stay!
Beloved Daughter! Your sweet smile is all we need!
My wife! You are the fairest of them all indeed!
Beautiful women! To our happiness you are the seed!
We melt away just with one gentle deed!
Now your day is over, you can rest and sleep!"

Τhank you for checking out!

The Guardian of Limitless Passion-JPG.jpg

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Very inspiring work of art! Keep the great work up!

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@jalentakesphotos Thank you so much! :D

Was thinking wow you picked an interesting and really tough angle for this one. Then I see what looks like a really big sword. And now I'm wondering if this is a good way to die XD


Thank you @ryivhnn ! that angle was among my top favorite ones when we did the photoshoot so it inspired me and I based the illustration on that pick! glad you like it. Its been a while I done something like that so it was much fun! as for the sword, thats totally awesome, I didnt intend for one to be visible there! :D


And now I can see that sword that was intended as just a headpiece ornament! :D sweet!


Ooh damn that's a huge headpiece :O XD LoL oops my bad misinterpreting it ^_^;

I figured from the pose she might have just been chilling there with her hands behind her head but with how big the headpiece is yeh I interpreted she's holding up a sword possibly about to stab the viewer with it XD