The winners of Artstorm #14 | Congratulations!

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Congratulations to the winners of Artstorm #14:

Monday: Pop art // @cjsean
Tuesday: Sheet // @tinster
Wednesday: Sandstorm // @dianadee
Thursday: Mosaic // @itachi24j
Friday: Washi tape // @cabalen
Saturday: Brew // @dinglehopper

Bonus Prize (2 STEEM): @allyson19

Thank you to everyone who entered! It's wonderful to see so much creativity and different interpretations of the prompt words. The winners have won 3 STEEM each.

Bonus entry:

Artstorm is a daily art contest for all creatives! Challenge your creativity with themed prompts and you could win 3 STEEM each day. Hosted by @leysa. Supported by witness @untersatz.

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Thank you, that was unexpected for my pop art entry. Really happy for the win. Congrats my fellow Steemian winners


Congrats to the winners and a big thank you for prize too☺🌹

Congratulations guys. Winning for me is just an added bonus because I enjoyed the whole process creating my brew entry.

@artstorm, no contest anymore?

Congratulations winners and thanks for the win