Entry for Artstorm contest week #2— Killantzaroi

2개월 전

The Greeks have an interesting character that is related to Christmas and they call it the Killantzaroi. It is a mischievous goblin like creature that causes a milk to turn sour and so on. I think goblins are like smoke or ghosts and that explains why my creature by the window looks so. In order to prevent the Killantzaroi from entering the house via chimney the people should burn a log and keep it going. Another way is to use a wooden bowl with water and a wooden Cross with basil suspended on top of it just like my drawing on the table. The water serves as protection when sprinkled inside rooms. I decided to include carolers singing kalata or Christmas carols using a triangular instrument. The Greeks have a karavaki or boat as decoration before the Christmas tree became popular. These are a few of the thing I learned about the subject. Like the bread with a cross called christopsomo usually served on Christmas day. It was interesting a topic and fun to learn and draw. Hope you like it and feel free to comment

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I love this. It’s so well done! I’m glad you liked learning about the topic as I did when I was planning the contest. I like your take on the killantzaroi!

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