Entry for Artstorm contest week #2— Las Posadas

2개월 전

A big bowl of freshly cooked tamales on the table is served on a long table. Hot cocoa drinks some ponche and horchata too it is up to you to choose. The piñata is ready for the children. Just waiting for everyone to finish eating. Children dressed up like Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherd and more. Las Posadas is here. It is a Mexican tradition that depicts Mary and Joseph's search for an inn to bring forth the birth of the child Jesus.

Thank you guys for dropping by I hope you like how I drew this scene. Thank you @artstorm and @leysa for hosting this kind of activity here on Steemit. I encourage all my creative friends to support and participate

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Gorgeous! A lovely warm and cozy atmosphere. Feels very festive!


Gorgeous! A lovely
Warm and cozy atmosphere.
Feels very festive!

                 - leysa

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