Artstorm Contest #6 Theme: Drinks | Get to Know Chibi Series 🍵

2년 전

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me"

Clive Staples Lewis


Teacup Border.JPG

"With cream and no sugar please..."
Hey! For @deemarshall's 5-day artstorm contest, I'm going to do a Chibi Noelle Series showing a little bit about me. First day's theme is "Drinks".

One of my fave drinks is tea! Especially green tea. Black tea is a close second. :)


Ah yes, here you see sophisticated lil' me enjoying tea. Lots of cream and no sugar is how I like it! Or maybe with no cream but a slice of some citrus fruit.

🍵 🍋

Process Paint Border.JPG

So fancy, no?
This is a speedy painting with ArtRage using a chiseled black pen and watercolor brush!

Thanks to Dee for extending the drawing time from 10 to 15 minutes. I had time to take a few screenshots and put this progress gif together.

I planned to put a book on the table, but that would've taken a bit more time and I was happy with how it looked anyway.

Want to join the fun? Check out these quick 1-day contest series here. Let's have fun!

OneHeart Border.jpg

See you next time,


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So cute and I like green tea as well! I'm crazy for anything Matcha! Icecream, chocolate, dessert, milktea, you name it I love it!


OMG MATCHAAAAA. One of Japan's many, many glorious gifts to the world! So happy you dropped by @maverickinvictus! Why not join!


Yeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Indeed it is a gift! Lol i leave these contest to you artists hahha

I can tell you are enjoying your tea by the expression on your face! You look so content :) It is a great idea to tell us a little about yourself.


It's so relaxing! Yes, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share a little bit about myself.. :D

I personally prefer a good cup of coffee , but tea is not a bad choise either (・ω・) Oh, and good luck! tu dibujo esta mono :D


I love both! Admittedly I drink more coffee than tea. But I love them boooth. Milk tea too, I forgot to add! Thank you so much for visiting my post!

P.S. I found out what mono means. Hehe. Muchas gracias!


Hahaha that was a tricky word, I put it on porpuse, sorry! XD

Tea is my favorite. I at least need a cup every day.


Hey there, @sparkyez! Glad to see you join! Yep, me too, I need at least one cup of tea or coffee a day.

Hi @noellesevilla, your artwork is so cute, I truly love your style. I also use Artrage but generally just playing around with the textured oil paints. I normally use Photoshop but just stumbled upon another artist tonight who recommended Paintstorm which looks like part Artrage, part Photoshop! Can't wait to try it.

Your art is really high quality as well as your blog. We would be honored to have you join us in our fast growing Steemit promotional art group, the Steem Artists. Your artwork will be viewed by many other great artists who are encouraged to support each other so we can all reach Steemit success! This initiative is run by real people who hand pick the best artists and blog posts to promote and so they can receive more followers, more upvotes and more resteems! Note that as we have over 70 high quality artists who are merging over from my personal account @spaceginger to the new one @steemartists so while there isn't too many followers tonight there are still many more people to come :)


Oh wow, thank you very much for the software tip! Paintstorm sounds interesting. I am actually looking for new software to try.

I will also visit your page. Followed!

it looks so fancy and cute gild :D good luck to you <3


Thank you! Yun tlga goal girl. To achieve a fancy-cute fusion. Hahaha what am i saying? Hope you will join artstorm too! 😊

I like tea, but I prefer yogurt <3... Yogurt is life, yogurt is love, haha. Now that I think about it, I don't know why I didn't draw a glass of yogurt instead of two cans of soda fighting... OMG! I'm promoting violence! D:


Gasps Omg yes you are! Hahahaha. You should have stuck to yogurt, much healthier, less fattening. Hahaha. I like yogurt too btw! Have you tried Lassi? It's a yogurt-based Indian drink. It's the best!



Well, here is something called Lassie, but it's a brand of oatmeal, not yogurt, hahaha. So, I have not ever tried that.


Haha, Lassie is also the name of the dog in that old tv show. 😂 if u are ever at a kebab place or Indian restaurant, make sure to ask for it. I'm sure you would like it. 🙌


Sure! I'll keep it in mind :D