Artstorm #2 — Day 2: Tuesday December 3rd | Today's Prompt Word is "Krampus"

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Hi all
My drawing scared me to do it (laugh) I told my husband do not go to sleep until the drawing is finished, the topic today is about Krampus, according to the rumor that a dark, hairy and horned beast is He presented at the doors of the houses a certain day in December to whip the children and kidnap them with their sharp claws. The strangest thing about this story is that this terrifying being was Santa's helper. According to these legends of centuries ago, if a child misbehaved, St. Nicholas would know in his omniscience, and would send his associate, Krampus accordingly. It was told of this dark serpentine tail collaborator who appeared in homes at Christmas to punish bad children.

fanny 1.jpg

fanny 2.jpg

Have fun and challenge your creativity!
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Thank you very much.

I’m scared of it too! 😂 excellent!


Thank you very much my friend, really scary, I imagine the children very scared.

I didn't know you could draw like that. If you did it all by yourself, it's amazing.


Hello friend, excellent and blessed day, .. yes friend, I do my best to make the drawing look my best, that's why I put part of the process in each entry. My most sincere regards, and thank you very much.


Very nice! I'd like to see how you come up with such a beautiful line.