๐ŸŒˆ NEW ART ๐ŸŒˆ - "Big Rainbow Passion"

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I started this painting at the end of August. I had just done a 12 x 12 inch rainbow Mandala, and it resonated with a lot of people. It actually got scooped up by one of my collectors right away! Since so many people really seemed to resonate with the Rainbow Mandala vibe, I decided to do one with the same idea - but on a much bigger 4 x 4 foot canvas!

I started it off with red in the middle. For this one, I used a thicker brush than I did on the smaller canvas. I wanted the lines to be bold and distinctly visible from a reasonable distance.


The next color in the rainbow is orange, so that was the next layer. The first few layers went down relatively quickly. You can even see some of the orange paint is still wet in the picture!


Next were yellow and green. As the rainbow started to grow, it was around this point that I realized I'd misjudged how thick each layer of color needed to be. I had intended the rainbow to be 7 color layers, red, orange, yellow, green,blue, indigo and violet, covering the whole canvas. But I made them too thin, and I honestly got pretty upset with myself for misjudging it.


I actually stopped working on this painting for a few weeks. I rarely ever feel that way about the art I create, but, I was still feeling pretty sick at that point after 3 years of living with IBS-D. During the time I was sick, it was hard to stay focused and think positively.

Read read my blog post about my illness & recovery here - https://www.nexusvisions.com/single-post/2018/12/31/My-Most-Awesome-2018-Highlight

Eventually I got back to work on it, and strangely enough, that's about when I first heard that the keto diet might just put my illness into remission! So - I started the diet, and continued to finish the green layer.


I didn't feel better right away, but I did start to feel something I hadn't felt in a long time - hope. And that felt amazing. I had just about completely ran out of hope that I;d ever feel better by then. I sort of put aside the focus of sharing my art (and taking progress shots) as much to focus on my health, and learn about how to shop and cook for myself on a very different diet than I was used to. Almost everything in my fridge and pantry had to go... But after a week or so of the new diet, I DID start to feel better. And better and better - until I felt better than I had in over 3 years!

So I finally got it all done, but I was also trying to get to all the other things I'd been putting off and neglecting while I was sick, so I never got around to sharing it.

So now here it is all done!


I named it "Big Rainbow Passion" because it's a big rainbow,and it represents the big passion I have for creating, sharing, and hopefully inspiring and motivating people with my art.

"Big Rainbow Passion" - 48 x 48 inches, acrylic paint on gallery wrap stretched canvas

Available @ https://www.nexusvisions.com/product-page/big-rainbow-passion-48-x-48-inch-acrylic-painting

Screenshot (56).png

Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you have an awesome day! Don't forget to leave a comment, upvote @ Re-Steem! Stay tuned for more new art coming soon. -Adam


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I'm happy to hear that you got healed. I know the struggle very well. I was sick for over 6 years and doctors didn't really know how to help me. I did some research and started plant based diet. I've been doing it for 2 years and I healed completely. Now I can finally control what is happening with my body and don't need to feel embarrassed at all! :)

Your mandala is very nice and it reminds me of a word 'positivism'. I can see that it was done by someone who feels good :) And it's a great idea to use colors of a rainbow! :)

Thank you for sharing!


I'm happy to hear you found the right solution for your issues too! One of the first things I tried was plant based diet, but for me it made my issues much much worse. One of the most frustrating things doing y own research was all the contradictory information. What worked for one person, did the opposite for another (as in this case! lol) For me it seems the problem was sugars, and most plant based foods are full of them. On the keto diet I have to stay under 20-30grams of carbohydrates a day, and that means most fruits, starchy plants and grains are off the table. I can eat lots of greens though! lol

I'm glad you enjoy the art. I love to use lots of bright colors. They just seem to make me, and most people, happy! lol

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Awesome painting, I am never able to make something like this, my brain has a problem coming up with anything symmetrical, but I am always impressed by other people who do. So cool to hear about someone make a positive change in their diet! Lots of issues with peoples health could be made better if they started caring more about what they eat.


It's amazing how diet can change our health. And how unique each person is.For some people I read keto diet made the same problem I had even worse. For me, it put it into remission. I guess the moral of the story is if you have a chronic illness like that, dont give up trying until you find the diet that works for you!

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Wow quit a story you wouldn't expect behind this drawing when you see it the first time. Like the rainbow colors in your mandela but the title is the best!๐Ÿ’ช Inspiration and motivation is all people would need in life to accomplish things (small and big).

Never heard about the IBS-D disease or the keto diet before . But good to read that you found something to get rid of it! Did hear the story more often when people did change what they would eat/drink their symptoms did dissapear without the usage of any pills at all.

Maybe an idea to write about your diet experience for the #naturalmedicine tag? (maybe you already did, I didn't read all your posts this is the first one I'm coming by)


I'm glad the title inspired you! I only posted my health blog on my own website, but I should post it again here. Good idea!