Character design and Storyboards

4년 전

So I was workin on this short animated film about this kid he joins a dance team in the ghettos of north north Africa. The project never took off because off lack of funding and lack of time. Here’s a look a some of the work I put into it.
Our main character is Ada. He has a lot of brothers and sisters that feature in the film but, unfortunately I didn’t have time to draw the character design for them.

Here are a few storyboards I made for the film.
There are a lot storyboards and stuff for this project, but I don’t want to overload this post.

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As an indie artist i really appreciate the support.

thanks for stopping by and hanging out. till next time✌️

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this looks awesome. ever thought about turning it into a comic?


Thanks eyedrip, I thinks it could work as,a comic but, I really can’t invest anymore time into this project. I will upload more storyboards from this though so you guys can see where it goes from here.


makes sense . it's tricky when that happens. curious to see more.

teaser!! what happens next!!


Lol tetsuo. I’m gonna uploads some boards from this soon so you can what happens next.


yeah, it already flows like a comic and your drawings are so good,
I got into the world pretty quick.