BALANCE - photography

2년 전

hello everyone

balance - my photography

i would like to post about my photogpraphy in my steemir blog ,
since weeks i am not active here , and today i am back to post my pictures, i thought i can share my photos ,because i like phoyography like many people ,
and i try to show minimalist in my works , i am not talking about macro photography , but i see things in a simple way , and would like to collect pictures like you see in this post ,
days and night are running and we are getting better and better in our life ,
here i have 3 pictures , and i was thinking about the balance while tooking pictures , the stone which looks so smooth and calm,,,,


sometimes we hear Old is Gold ,

sometimes the effect of TIME of human and things around it ,is so positive , the more we try for our goals the more we get closer to them .
i saw the effect of time and experience on this one , maybe looks old but i liked it ..



i'm searching the beauty in simple things
sometimes i draw and sometimes i paint them , hope you like my works, and lately i am in photography and want to show you my minimal vision about environment around me :-)


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