Foo Dog Half Sleeve Tattoo

2년 전

This is a custom Foo Dog Half Sleeve Tattoo that I did.

For those who are unfamiliar with "Foo Dogs" here is a short definition from Wikipedia:
"Chinese guardian lions or Imperial guardian lions, often miscalled "Foo Dogs" in the West, are a common representation of the lion in imperial China. Chinese guardian lions are sometimes referred to in English as shishi, from the Chinese shí shī (Chinese: 石獅; pinyin: shíshī; literally: "stone lion"), which refers specifically to lion sculptures in stone."


Here are the individual angles for a closer look at the details






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Really wonderful drawing you are a wonderful artist
I wish you success, my friendDQmXxysfRRa9YDTBCCiRwaoo7BFcNxG5aT4QcUK5q3MHZgK_1680x8400.jpg


Thanks so much for the kind words @roselover

When I see the solid sheets of color and ink, I just think, ouch, pain.

The results are amazing, looks great, but I can't help but think about the needles and what they're doing to your arm for an extended period of time.

Nonetheless, I am somewhat fascinated with tattoos...


Haha yeah totally understandable @memesteemit , Unfortunately tattoos must be earned and not simply bought. That is what makes tattoos so special though ;)