My wife art & garden

3년 전


বেশী বেশী করে গাছ লাগাই।
My sweet wife art. Try to understand us about tree plantation.I hope it's look like beautiful.


MashaAllah Tabarakalakum Khairan "Alhamdulillah" On the roof of my house, the ceiling planted on the roof of the house has been made of fine quality in the last grace of God. This banana is cooked and green is the one to eat and very tasty and sumptuous. Rijek's owner blesses Rijek in this way. The soil will grow very well and the tree will grow very well. By Allah's grace, I get a large number of different types of leafy vegetables from the fruit roof. We plan on planning the roof in agriculture and try to produce more crops in a small area. Because the sun is sunny throughout the day so it will be very good crop and yield. If we try a little bit, then thank the family members for serving food safely on the table.


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