Friends under the lights (Photos)

2년 전

Something they will learn over time is that some of the friendships are not forever but that does not mean that they are not valuable in the same way, this time I will show you some photos that I took from friends 2 years ago, they also I will tell how the ideas I wanted to convey with them were; If I remember even that, without further delay, let's start.

There is a saying that says "Sell the sauce, not the meat" here I sell the sauce with this photo, I took it to a friend taking advantage of how well lit her face and hair looked, we were in a window talking when I see that It looked perfect with that light hitting him in the face, so I told him not to move, take out my phone and take a few pictures, those were the ones I liked the most, when editing it, I raised the brightness a little , I gave it a little contrast, and I chose a green color to saturate it a little nothing more.

The next one was as unexpected as the previous one, I was lying in the same room where I took the picture of my friend, playing with my phone and listening to what my two friends said, I saw where they were and that scene looked very interesting of them together, the light that came from the side gave a very good light, so I told them to pose, to be as still as possible and take the photo, when I edited the photo, honestly, it was nothing special was to raise brightness , give it a bluish color and give it some contrast.

For the third, I called my friend to put in the window and the rest already know, I took photos and chose the best one that seemed, as for her when editing it, just use a pink color, I raised it a little tone in the lights and ready, I feel that this photo did not have much to do, if I am sincere.

And for the last but not least, I was walking with my friend to a room in the house where we were and I saw that her silhouette was very good at an aesthetic level, so I told her to turn around, take the photo unexpectedly and that came out , I loved the profile that gave his face with the light, in addition to the clothes he was wearing, it was great, as you will see it has a greenish color, well, that I did, take a green color and made it show in the lights, try give more darkness but without looking so dark and understandable, I think the scenery is not the best but I was just beginning to dare to take pictures.

Although, I say this very often, I know that I need to learn many things, I know that I must learn to follow a line of predetermined colors, that I must combine the colors of people's clothes with the scene but I excuse myself by saying that It was 2 years ago and the truth was just fiddling with the idea of taking photos but what do you think?

I hope you liked the post, that you enjoyed it and that you are encouraged to comment on this post, what do you think, if you have any suggestions, I assure you that I will read you with all the attention and affection.

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Until next time, guys!

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