Venezuela between petals (Process)


Hi guys, I hope you are very well, after months of absence, I came back with this post, I will not extend much more, so, let's start.

I will be showing you photos of the process of making this map of Venezuela, talking about how it was, some time I will tell you how I felt doing it, do not get bored right now, it is still missing.

Starting from here where I show you the initial sketch, let me say that it does not look good at all but I think you can see a slight violet color, to make the figure of the map of Venezuela, look for a map on the internet and mark it on a computer monitor, since I must admit that it was difficult to draw it with a pure eye and fist.

Ah, I was forgetting to tell you that this drawing was a request, if I can be honest, I will tell you that I was not very excited to do it, not really; the orchids were one of the parts of that drawing that I liked the most, I liked to play with the colors purple, pink and blue to give shadows and highlights to the petals of each of the orchids.

There were a few that were a bit complicated but nothing out of the other world, only colors that seemed uneven, some that needed some other arrangement. By the time I had to do that yellow and red part of the orchid, I was complicated because I had a good amount of white inside and I find it quite difficult to know how to give shadows to something white, without appearing to be dirty.

Continuing with the drawing, I began to do the exterior of the orchids, I decided to make the map as if it were gold, although the color gave a little more bronze, gave a thin layer of gold to the map and then gave it depth with pencils of drawing and ink pens. I did so around the whole map.

I had an idea to make the colors of the Venezuelan flag with watercolors, but they were a bit strange and it was not very my style, so I discarded the idea, and I began to cut the map of the sheet where I drew it, I did it very carefully with a scissor and an exact one. I advise you not to marry much with an idea, sometimes they don't work at all.

I am very sorry that this image is so abrupt, I will explain, after my idea of the colors did not give much good impression, I decided to bet on some flower petals of the national tree of Venezuela, which is the araguaney; I swear I took pictures of the sketch I had of each of the sketches, but apparently, my memory deleted some files because yes, so excuse that big jump. The petals are made with a lot of color, highlighted with a pen, I gave it a little more depth shading with dark colors and weft made with the pen.

Finish with all the yellow petals, leaving some blank spaces; I thought there was a lot of yellow and it occurred to me to give a little balance to those warm colors with a cold color, such as violet, making violet petals, with mixtures of blues and pinks, again, like those of the orchid.

By the time I had the petals ready, I thought it looked great, I just had to paste the other part of the drawing, when this picture you just saw, I think it looks pretty good in my opinion, you will have your own opinion and I hope you are encouraged to share it with me.

After hitting it, BAM, there is the result, it was almost a year making this drawing, I am sorry to say it, in all sincerity, I felt very lethargic for a long time and I have to admit that I am an innate procrastinator, it is not something that makes me proud but I work on it, believe me.

I hope you liked the post, that you enjoyed it and that you are encouraged to comment on this post, what do you think, if you have any suggestions, I assure you that I will read you with all the attention and affection.

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Until next time, guys!

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It's a wonderful flower map of venezuella @roveanna 😉 you did it very well.. and it looks amazing.


Oh, thank you so much @cicisaja I was so scared to post again but your commentary make me feel much better, thanks