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You don’t want to miss out on engaging with some awesome Steemians and encouraging them before their post pays out! We all love it when someone takes the time to not only stop by our blog and read our posts but actually engage. As a fellow plankton, I know and love this feeling. It’s super disheartening when you put hours of effort in, for a post to get lost at sea never to be found again.

So we are here to help, not only that…

We share our profits directly with YOU!

Yes you heard right! 30% of the SBD raised from these posts will go directly to the curated authors, they will each receive 10% each for their efforts, transferred directly after payout.

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All of these wonderful authors deserve an upvote from you but we do understand voting power (VP) and the drain all this wonderful content can have on that, so we made it simple. If you upvote this post you are sharing the rewards with the curated posts. This currently sits at 10% each with the aim to grow as our SP or delegations grow.


My TRIP: Visited to Bogor Zoological Museum by @muhibpaya2

A quick trip to the Zoological Museum near the Bogor botanical gardens to see some fossilized birds, what else did he see?

There is still 6 days until PAYOUT. Did you know that one UPVOTE and genuine comment could keep a Steemian writing?

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What do you need to be happy? Ecotrain Question Of The Week! by @alignment

Happiness means different things to different people but this steemian has done a great job at breaking it down for us.

There is still 6 days until PAYOUT. Make sure you show this Steemian some love with an Upvote, if you have any VP to spare.

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A Great Way To See the Sights by @powellx5

Huge fan of geocaching, and this post shows some of the reasons why. If you haven't tried it all you need is an app that is accessible on any smartphone.

There are still 6 days until PAYOUT Got spare VP, share the love! It takes a lot to put yourself out there.

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We always love your support by way of a generous upvote to help us grow our own SP faster, however, got some spare STEEMPOWER?

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Issue 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73

Giving back A.S.A.P!!!


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Wow this is awesome. Thank you so much for helping our curation efforts. Super exciting to see the post then to see this just made my week. Thanks again!

I like your idea @asaper. nice support

This is Easy register @asaper

Upvoted and commented on all :)

Another great effort by the team... Just finished in the morning the 73rd issue..and you people never fails to acknowledge the people who deserve the attention. Good job...will check all those mentioned.

great concept!

Nice @asaper. I like your support. I hope your success.

Nice post @asapers!
Up-vote and comment for all!!
Caio :)

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Hi, congratz, you are now listed on the Steemians directory. You can read more about this new initiative here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@anonyvoter/new-selections-of-july-7-2018 If you like this project it would be great if you could resteem the post to make more people aware of it.
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i upvoted, restem and commented you @asaper

Good support asaper

Is there a minimum amount to delegate?

Is there a minimum amount to delegate? My upvote won't give much but maybe I can delegate some SP.


hi @heartbeat1515, the links above have a minimum of 10SP, every little bit counts and we would love any support you can give. :D