Some funny Engrish on a handbag

2개월 전

One of the fun things about living in Asia is that there are a lot of companies that try to have English on their products. Most of them succeed but others, not so much. I don't know how these really bad mistakes can make it through with the misspellings because it seems as though a spell checker would sort that right now. The fact that the wording is hilariously bad is a bit more forgivable if the creator is not an English speaker. Hell, it might be reverse psychology and they are doing it on purpose to get your attention.


This bag seemed harmless enough. Just your run of the mill unisex shoulder bag for anyone. It holds a bunch of stuff and is quite practical. The advertising on it isn't even necessary to most people but to me, that is the best part of the entire ordeal and is pretty unique to this part of the world, particularly in goods that are made in China.


I can't even tell what the name of the company here is. Is it "Follow Me" or "Black Rice?"

One thing is for sure though, don't try to was this!

For me when i see stuff like this I tend to want to buy it more than if they had spelled everything correctly so if there is an element of someone using this as a marketing ploy, it works on some people at least. How many people can say that they have a perplexingly amusing statement on their bag? Well, I can now!

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