Armie Hammer Slams Celebrities Who Shared Photos of Themselves with Stan Lee After His Death

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Who is Armie Hammer to say or decides how anyone chooses to remember Stan Lee? Sure all fans of Marvel Comics are sad to hear of his passing. There's no right or wrong way to mourn. Everyone is different. You mourn your way and let others mourn their way.

ear Armie Hammer,

What's your own. Please free us and stop hating. I could never make it to Comic Con or else I would have taken a pic with him too and you know I would have definitely posted since.

1st of all who tf is Armie Hammer (your parents clearly hate you)
2nd this fool said they should be only posting Stans work..they were his work..half of these dudes wouldn’t even have notable careers without him.

I completely agree Armie! Very similar in attention seeking from those who live no where near the fire or that shooting and marking themselves safe. We live in a very ‘look at me’ society. In my sincere humble opinion. And in complete and utter discernment. A friend who ‘dumped me’ this year said ‘not everything is about you Shannon!’ Even though it pained me to hear her say this, in some ways it’s true for our entire society!

Definitely helped me to ‘wake up’ on a different level than I ever had. And see that it’s not always about us! You can honor him or be a little more sensitive in times where people are really effected by tragedy with out making it about you. I noticed that the people I knew that were really effected by the tragedies literally didn’t have time to post about it. Just saying.

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Meh. I never met Mr. Stan Lee. But I shared the first marvel comic i bought. And I don't think that's insensitive. People are going to react differently to loss regardless how close they were to it.

Flip side to this, people also have the right to criticize everything.

I think regardless which side of this argument you find yourself, hopefully you still agree that the loss of this person is significant.

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