Bitcoin Keeps Falling and No One Knows Why

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The stock market and Bitcoin is crashing. Billionaires are losing all their money. Would have made more sense to tax them. To help pay off all the debt. Like the $6 trillion we spent on wars.

Well it looks like the lower and middle class will have to pay off the $6 trillion wars. The billionaires are broke now. Good thing all those Trump supporters yelled so loud about cutting taxes for them. Those billionaires have been taxed enough dammit!

bitcoin price is now the same as on first week of october 2017.
its definitively a big return to former prices. but there are so many cryptoplattforms created at the moment which prepare the possibility for big investors like hedgefunds to invest in cryptomarket. In switzerland the first platform which <ill give guarantees and works totally legal will open trade in the next days. Others will follow. Its a matter of weeks now that in USA CryptoETFs will get approbation by the SEC. So there the logic conclusion for the cryptomarket is that there will be much investment money flowing into the cryptomarket. Of course it will take some time to convince but it will happen. Too much investment is already done to prepare this all. Even governements accept already to use cryptos. So I expect prices to go up very soon. This is the last despair phase of cryptomarket. We are so much down now so that a big move up gets very logic.

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