Colts Neck 'Leaders and Legends' Breakfast Club Welcomes a Special Guest

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The NFL doesn’t allow helmet cameras, partly because they don’t want us to see just how violent some of the hits can be—and also partly because absurdly expensive cameras would constantly be getting destroyed!

So you’ll have to use your imagination while watching this 6-second clip, and think of what it must be like to have a 6’5” 330 lb. heavily muscled man sprinting in your direction with bad intentions. And then to get right back up because he, or one of his similarly-sized mates, will be coming after you again on the very next play.

Well that was exciting! The Colts won and they are District Champs! Before the game started I heard that the Colts haven’t been 9-0 since 1987. I don’t know when they were ever 10 - 0. I heard they play Abilene at UTA next week. Lamar also plays in the finals, but I don’t know when or where.

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