Dan Quinn and Bruce Irvin reunite, and that’s a good thing for the Falcons’ pass rush

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The patriots and steelers gave him a better offer but he wanted to for his home team.. excited to see him play!!

This is a good pickup for the Falcons he is familiar with his system. Should be a easy transition.. Falcons season isn’t over. They can get hot when you need to and make a run still. I believe that’s what the Giants did to win a super bowl, Pittsburgh and a few other teams. Don’t count the birds out.

I am so done with them until Chucky is gone. This is the last straw. He just cut our best edge rusher, led the team with 4 sacks. Didn't trade him, just flat out cut him. Just made our woefully pathetic defense even worse. Gruden is intentially destroying this team from within.

Whether it is some petty grudge against a long dead owner or tanking the season for draft picks, I can no longer support this leadership. I have been a die-hard fan for over 40 yrs, and Gruden has destroyed that in less than one.

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