Kareem Hunt attacking woman in February at Cleveland apartment

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Downright Despicable! Domestic violence is never the answer to solve an argument, folks. Rising RB Star, Kareem Hunt has truly let his team down along with the hopes of winning a Super Bowl for the KC Chiefs and ruining his NFL career.

The Chiefs did absolutely what had to be done. This goes way beyond whether or not this will affect the teams ability to win football games. One, Kareem Hunt would have been suspended by the league so he would not have played anymore this season anyway. Two, and most importantly Kareem assaulted this woman. After she hit her head on the corner of the wall he went over and kicked her.

Guess the P.O.S. took an insult to her kneeling.
I hope He'll be "kneeling" in Prison for a few years for agrivated assault, Domestic Violence and anything else they can think of. They just Love making woman abusers kneel in prison.

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