Nathan Peterman Cut by Bills After Matt Barkley Led Team to 41-10 Win vs. Jets

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OMG what a precious way to wake up and celebrate life!! Like the other brother said not so long ago - 'free at last, free at last - Thank goodness we're FREEE at last - or was that 'ding dong the witch is dead' - not sure which song it was but they both sound real good right now.

Nathan Peterman is moving on to greener pastures.
He ranks 33rd all time in Bills History with 548 passing yardsa mere 281 yards behind the the GREAT Joe Dufek
The only QB in Bills History to have thrown EXACTLY 3 TD passes. which coincidentally is only half as many as the LEGENDARY Matt Kofle .

but in Petermans short stay in Buffalo he did excel in one thing interceptions in only a year and a half ...and 4 starts Nate managed to throw 12 interceptions the same number as Frank Reich but Reich has nothing on Peterman … took Reich 11 years to do what Peterman did in a short 18 months .

There was an article the other day stating Peterman is statistically the worst QB to play since the 1970 merger. Any “worst of” list a QB finds themselves on that doesn’t include Tebow is not good

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