Pete Davidson Apologizes to Lt. Com

3년 전

This is so well done and a beautiful reminder about Americans working with one another instead of against one another.
Although not mentioned in this, keep in mind when slinging mud across the aisle at Dems or Repubs... THAT is exactly what our enemies want.

A Divided America. Find your soul and God like spirit to not continue the horrid negativity about those who are different and have a different point of view.

And exactly why I am done with politics on here. It’s useless and no matter how hard you try some will never get it. But this right here, this is how we all should be acting.

We CAN all work together and move forward if we let go of the hatred. It is up to us, individually.

Be your best today and accept that others have different opinions and ways of viewing life. You probably can’t change their minds any more than they will change yours. Find common ground and is all good. Accept it and move forward. Never Forget.

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