Why do you think communism is bad?

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In the mainstream media, it is generally assumed that if something has anything to do with communism, it must be bad. To dig a little deeper, I asked some of my friends about this. A friend said:

My primary argument against communism is simply that it does not protect individual freedom well enough and requires too much government control/propaganda. As an economic system it has shown to produce fairly dramatic economic transformations. The soviets went from agrarian backwater to industrial powerhouse in a very short period. Many external mitigating circumstance contributed to their down fall.

None of this is to say that US style capitalism is dramatically better. Extreme amounts of propaganda go into making Americans believe they are free and prosperous. America is what happens to capitalistic systems, they eventually are cored out into hollow rabid war machines that export nothing but cruelty. The US is well on its way.

I totally agree with him. However, I want to hear other opinions about communism to broaden my horizons. So, my question my followers is, do you think communism is bad? If so, why do you think it is bad? Other opinions will well appreciated.

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I think that it is too broad a spectrum as it covers a vast range of ideas. On a local level the custodian idea within DACs is a form of communism. It is analogous to the idea of the Soviet which means little council in Russian. That is something that is people driven. However you also have state backed collectives which is anything but people driven.

The problem with communism is that it attracts extremist zealots and ideologues and that means things like rights get trashed and acceptance of difference of thought is not possible. Unfortunately something similar is occuring in the US with far right pseudo-libertarians who lionise a property-centric form of capitalism rather than a market based and liquidity form.

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Hi @littleboy, what a topic.
I am from the Czech Republic (part of the former communist block) and to mention communism is still really very painfull for some people, current existence of the communist party itself is, in my opinion, slap in the face to all its victims.
I was only four during the fall of the Berlin war, so I did not experience the tough part of communism but when I ask my parents, especially my father, he thinks of it as a dark era, where one had to be careful on each step and prison was a living and very real threat.
Everything was possible if you had "a friend" on the right place (shopping, university, etc...) Once he said to me, it was like a living in a glass bowl, you know something is going on out there, but you never know how much the glass interfere your sight.
Well, I think the basic ideology has some nice thoughts, but the way it was used and crippled to rule over countries, this is what I truly hate and view as bad! Equality? Where?! Equality for those who blindly followed (seemin´one) and not at all equal shit for those who disobeyed...