I Just Did An Astral Projection

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I'm used to having sleep paralysis. It happens quite often now, and I learned how to control it.

So I was sleeping just hours ago and I suddenly heard a loud noise. Some plates crashing like some burglar was out there in the kitchen, a thunderous noise, a sound like there's a storm or something. Those were the weird combination of noise that I heard and I first thought something was up outside but when I 'opened' my eyes, I realized I was having sleep paralysis. You know, the usual. You can't move, but you are conscious of what's happening and the noise that I heard earlier was just my hallucination. I tried going back to sleep but the noise became louder and my body was vibrating and my heartbeat became fast and I knew what was happening: my consciousness is separating from my physical body, that is, I am about to astral project.

Pretty sure some of you might be skeptical about this and would just say it's not true or something. I was skeptical too but after what happened this night I think it's best for me to believe it is real instead of me just thinking I'm just playing around when in fact I wasn't. There are some proofs that it is real too, and that the government is also using it to spy/monitor people (through psychic abilities) but I'm not gonna go into that, I'll just share my experience.

I felt the intense vibrations and it suddenly stopped. I felt like I was 'floating'. I knew my astral body was already separated and this was the first time it happened so I dunno what to do exactly. I was just yeah fuck it and called my spirit guide.

Suddenly I was there in a white place. Everything was white really. I felt amazing, peaceful even, I wasn't scared at all. I dunno where exactly I was but I've read somewhere that there is a place in the astral plane which the divines dwell, I guess I was there?

Anyway, I saw a clock in front of me. You know a grandfather clock which has a pendulum in it. I asked myself "is this a sign that I'm running out of time and that I'm gonna die soon?" But yeah I'm safe so I guess it's a sign for something else.

I said "Spirit guide, are you there? Please, I just wanna talk to you". Then a face of an old man appeared. Like maybe 50-60 years old man. He kinda looked like Slavoj Žižek. He was like "What?".

Then I slowly walked in towards his 'place' and suddenly I was at a place that looked like a farm. It was sunset. Place was peaceful and neat. That man was holding a drawing board and placed it on a table. He started drawing but I never really paid attention to what he was drawing. Kinda looked like a building or something.


I walked around and asked some questions.

"Am I doing the right thing?"

He didn't answer.

"I want to be an artist but I don't know if it's right for me?"

"I want to explore and experiment with other careers in media, of course since being an artist is really hard".

He just replied with "mhm" while still drawing. He never even glanced up at me. He was still focusing on his drawing.

I walked around and said

"I'm really glad I was able to come here and see you".

That's when he glanced up at me.

"Yeah. But you know it's quite dangerous for you to travel at this time. I can escort you back".

And I said "mm yeah, I guess"

I held his left arm and walked with him.

"One last thing, what can you tell me about gods and angels?"

I said.

He then said something that I didn't understand. I asked him to repeat what he just said... but he didn't.

We reached the seawall. I was facing the sea and he was at my back. The sunset was beautiful. It gave an orange touch to the sky and the sea. It was windy as well.

He was at my back and pushed me towards the sea.

"Off to bayabas, you go!"


Then I was in my room once again and back to my body. I was still having sleep paralysis though so I just relaxed a bit and waited til my body woke up.

The 'bayabas' he said earlier was because there was a guava tree near our house and bayabas means guava. When I woke up, I immediately took my sketch pad and illustrated it before I forget the small details. I'm not a good illustrator and I did it as fast as possible so. XD

Okay, it might be true, it might be not

I was about to write a post about it when a friend of mine messaged me and told me my photo had nice lighting. I had conversations about psychic abilities with this guy before so I said "Hey I just astral projected today!".

You know what he said?

He said

"I know right"

I was like WHAT THE FUCK? But then he was like "I mean, how was it?" then I explained to him what happened.

He then told me to be careful and that what I saw there had symbols that I have to figure out. I guess I had my answer when the old man was only paying attention to his drawing and kept ignoring me?

Then my friend told me that my subconscious mind is powerful. He warned me about not going too far next time and that I should just take it easy because it could be dangerous especially if you don't know how to protect yourself in the astral plane. True though, it wasn't intentional and I don't know how exactly am I gonna protect myself from malicious entities if ever I attract them. So I'll just follow his advice.

I also asked him how he knew something was up with me.

He said

"Cos somebody like you is messing with the portal"

Another WTF moment lol. He said he knew the moment he saw my photo. He saw something and felt it, so he messaged me. But I trust him. I do feel he has some abilities. He then reassured me I'm fine even though I have accessed the astral plane and just be careful when doing it next time.

I know some of you might just think it's just my mind playing with me and stuff cos I've always had vivid dreams. We have our own beliefs. But the timing of his message is just really weird it had me convinced that it's true. lol.

True or not, it sure did give me some messages.

That I should not waste my time and just do it.

Focus on my main skills and goals.

That I shouldn't experiment with stuff I only knew little about cos it can be dangerous (traveling to the astral plane)

That I have a guide who probably doesn't give a shit about me

(or probably just trusts me enough that I will be fine)

Anyway, that was an interesting experience. I surely would do it again when I'm ready cos traveling is fun and I can spy and shit. I'll definitely tell @alamayofaquilay about this. By the way, she's a new Steemian that I invited from Reddit cos I saw her post in r/astralprojection so do check her out! We might not have some psychic community here yet, but we can build one if we keep inviting people.

Do you have any experiences similar to mine?
Would love to read them!

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In one sense, I think it was just your mind.

BUT . . . in another sense . . I am just your mind, and every thing you see, think, feel and perceive is just your mind.

So saying it was just in your mind doesn't make it any less OR more real.

Just a #thought.


Valid perspective in my mind, our minds 😜

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Yeah, I was going to end with something like that too but didn't 😂🤣

Well I just woke up from a dream where I.was a human guitar amplifier and at some point in the dream realised this is peculiar and must be a dream. So, I went with what was then a lucid dream. I had the consistency of jello but had great vibrato and reverb, the audience was aware I was a human being taking the form of an amp and applauded my efforts.

The night before I was chasing down nazis and realised I was in too deep so I turned my gun into a toy to try and make a joke out of the whole thing. But, I was taken into custody where I sat face to face with Hitler and told him if I'd known I was gonna meet him I'd have kept my real gun. I then said maybe I can turn it back from a toy to a gun and shoot your face off.. He then held up my toy gun said "I beat you to it" aimed at my face and pulled the trigger. I woke up to start my day that way.

My point is I don't go around labeling reality or defining what's more real than anything else.. I've met guides and have the most absurd lucid dreams that seem to be connected to a cast of characters that I've been associated with for so long it makes linear time seem trivial. Not unreal, just a cog in the wheel of awareness..

Have a nice waking life.. I recommend watching the film by that title if you haven't and also realise there is an art to dreaming that the mechanized world has mostly forgotten.. I enjoyed this content though..


Lol that's weird.. I've never had a dream where I was taking another form..
In my dreams I'm always the one being chased, unlike you who had chased nazis. Hmm I guess reality is hard to define. Our brains don't even have that good ability with knowing what's real or not.. but having different realities is fun. Seems like an interesting movie. Thanks for the suggestion! :D

Wow you finally did it!!!! Yayyy!!! Whether it was your mind or not doesn't matter, what matters is you had the experience! And I know you've been working on it for a while now so that's fuckin awesome! Go girl!


Yeah it was a wonderful experience. Amazingly enough, I didn't feel scared at all. It was probably cos during AP, the survival instincts that we have here in the physical plane shuts down... that was explained to me by that guy who messaged me after I APed :D