The Astrology of Today - 4th January 2021 – Blockages and finding ways around them

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Good morning Steemians. Throughout the year 2021 I'm going to be occasionally looking at the position of the planets against the stars and how they are affecting us all. I used to do this while back and I think it may be the time to to look once again at this area of astrology. There are a lot of stars up there in the heaven above us, and the combinations of planets and stars can get very complicated at times and ultimately it's a lot of work too, especially if you combine this with the current planetary transits that are also going on at the same time.

So where are we as we start the year 2021? There are a couple of star connections that stand out to me at this moment in time. First up, Saturn newly moved into the sign of Aquarius is now sitting on the principle star in the constellation of Aquila the Eagle, Altair and will be for another week or so. This is a very dynamic star linked to the military and the police and to positive action, however the position of Saturn sitting on top of the star suggests that all that we want to do and achieve at this moment in time is not possible. This can lead to frustration and literally banging your head against brick wall. When you are living under this Covid-19 strain, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Saturn it's all about authority and responsibility, and it may be that decisions are having to be made about the police and military around this time, and how to use those resources to the best of their ability. For example military forces may be used to help the greater good in fighting the health situation, and I believe here in the UK they will be rolled out in the North of England to help the vaccinations and Covid testing. There may be stories about old soldiers and veterans in the news at this moment in time, or in some cases restrictions on use of force may be activated.

The other connection that is really affecting us, lasting until the 8th January, is a faster moving one as Mars the planet of action makes a conjunction with the start of Al Rescha (Alrischa), the knot in the constellation of Pisces holding two fish to each other. This constellation sees two fish swimming in opposite directions, and it symbolises the way that those born under the sign of Pisces can never really make up their minds, as there is always more than one possibility or train of thought that you have to consider. And this is the basis under which Mars is working at the moment. There is no one direction to go, and there is no single answer that we are looking for, and we may have to find a completely different solution to the one that we thought we would need. Mars conjunct this star can also mean that to achieve any action you will have to tie two different strands together to make a whole.

Now you have to remember that Saturn and Mars are currently in a square aspect relationship, one that is getting closer by the day, and Saturn and Mars when in a square bring about blockages and restrictions are our movements and our plans. So what does this suggest to us and how to get through the next week or so? If you do find yourself blocked off, look in a completely different direction for a way to get around the restrictions that you are facing. Yes you may still get frustrated, but maybe it's better to go the long way round than to make no progress whatsoever? These conditions are going to be in place probably for the next week or so, as Mars is still going to be moving through the stars of Pisces for a while to come even after this connection to Al Rescha has finished.

As for the other planetary aspects in play at this moment in time, Mercury tomorrow (5th January) will come into contact with Pluto and this is a a conjunction of investigation, and looking beneath the surface for the details that you require. Effectively looking into the fine print to find out what the controls or regulations really are, and how they will affect the decisions that we have to make.

Neptune is still making a square to the Lunar Nodes, and we'll be through till late March early April, and so the confusion and solitude that we are constantly living under will continue on. I personally think that by the time this connection starts to fade we will to begin to take control over the virus that is blighted our lives for far too long. This square is one of community sacrifice, as well as one where we are left in the dark for what is really going on. I think by the springtime will have some answers add to what has been going on behind the scenes leaving us all to suffer in silence, and we will be able to start to socialise once again.

Finally between the 6th and 8th January, there is going to be a triple shift of planets from one sign to the next. Mars moves from Aries where it is been for the last 6 months to Taurus, and this will see the planet of action slow down and become more thoughtful in the way that it operates. There is determination here to get the job done, no matter how long it takes.

Then on the 8th January both and Mercury and Venus change signs too, with Mercury moving into Aquarius, and Venus into Capricorn. Remember, the inner planets rule our day-to-day lives, and so this multiple change over will see a shift of emphasis for everyone. What will it bring? Mars in Taurus - stability and considered actions. Mercury in Aquarius new ideas and a more community based thought process. Venus in Capricorn - what we desire will be the status quo and people not rocking the boat. The way we relate to others will be more formal and structured than it was in the past, plus this change should settle down the money markets and business in general. Restrictions there may be, but at least we will know where we stand...

Please share if you find this interesting or believe others will benefit from reading it. I am always open to having new clients and if you would like to have a consultation in the coming days or weeks, please get in touch. Thank you and Happy New Year to you all...

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